Sharing a broadband connection without a router?

  Andrew3:16 01:35 29 Jan 2004

I have 3 PC's on my network all connecting via an ethernet hub, but I am unable to share the internet connection. Is it at all possible to share a broadband internet connection across a LAN without using a router?

  Gaz 25 01:52 29 Jan 2004


And its dead easy...

Just go to the connection, where ever it is: Network connections or the alike.

Then right click. Properties > Advanced > ICS.

Tick the box...

and then ensure the settings on the other computers are set to the ip address of the sharing computers as the gateway.

  Gaz 25 01:53 29 Jan 2004

If you want help or more detailed info, either post back or e-mail me by clicking the envolope. The later would be better.

Good luck.


  hugh-265156 02:14 29 Jan 2004

who is your isp?

  Gaz 25 02:26 29 Jan 2004

Oh I,

If its AOL, forget it. It wont work.

  Andrew3:16 23:39 30 Jan 2004

The problem is that while my host PC is opperating XP, the other 2 pc's are still win95 running Internet Explorer 3. I know, I know! I've tried downloading IE5.5 but can't find it anywhere. How do I make IE3 share the connection? Is it at all posible?

  Andrew3:16 23:40 30 Jan 2004

My ISP is Freeserve.

  jonnytub 23:44 30 Jan 2004

heres a link ie 5.5 click here

  mgmcc 23:51 30 Jan 2004

<<< The problem is that while my host PC is opperating XP, the other 2 pc's are still win95 running Internet Explorer 3. >>>

That's not a problem. The 'host' PC is running XP which supports Internet Connection Sharing and 95 can run as a 'client' (but not a 'host' which requires 98se or later). The version of Internet Explorer is immaterial.

Set up ICS on the internet connection in the Network Connections folder. You should be prompted to insert a floppy disk and an .EXE file is written to it which you then run in each of the 'client' PCs to configure them.

  Andrew3:16 00:00 31 Jan 2004

At the risk of sounding stupid, how do i setup the ICS? I've gone into network connections>properties>advanced>Internet Connection Sharing and checked all boxes.

Is that it?

  bremner 08:31 31 Jan 2004

Your two machines with IE3 on - are they currently connecting to the net through dial up or anything.

The reason I ask is that I helped a neighbour running W95 / IE4 to get on to Freeserve dial up the other day and Freeserve had to have at least IE5.

Until you update the two W95 machines I don't know if you stand a chance.

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