sharing broadband between windows 98SE and XP

  loop25 20:03 02 Dec 2006

i have a microsoft windows 98SE computer and want to purchase a laptop which has windows XP. i want to know if i can share my broadband internet between my current computer with the laptop???

thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 20:48 02 Dec 2006

Yes, you can. Windows "Internet Connection Sharing" was introduced in 98 Second Edition, although it is a little more complicated to set up in 98SE than it is in XP.

The alternative would be to install a router, so that each computer can have internet access independently from a "Host" PC.

  loop25 21:13 02 Dec 2006

how would i do this?

  mgmcc 21:16 02 Dec 2006

How would you do what? Set up Internet Connection Sharing in a Windows 98SE PC or install a router?

  loop25 16:55 03 Dec 2006

could you please explain to me how i would do and set up both of them

thanks you

  mgmcc 17:56 03 Dec 2006

The more straightforward solution would be to use a router. If your broadband is ADSL via the phone line, you would replace the USB Modem with a *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem", because a USB modem cannot be used with a Router. Both computers then connect directly to the router for internet access and "File & Printer Sharing". The router's ADSL modem has to be configured to connect to your ISP, because it becomes the router's function to establish the internet connection, *not* one of the PCs in the network.

If your broadband is "Cable" (NTL or Telewest), you would use a stand-alone "Cable/DSL" router, which connects by ethernet cable to the Cable Modem's ethernet port.

A new laptop will already have a Wireless Network Adapter incorporated so, with a "wireless" router, you can access wirelessly. The PC can continue to use a wired connection or it can have a wireless adapter installed too - PCI or USB.

The more complex solution to set up is "Internet Connection Sharing" with a Windows 98SE PC as the "Host" computer. You need to go into "Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs", select the Windows Setup tab, scroll down to Internet Tools and click the Details button. Tick the box for "Internet Connection Sharing" and click OK. You may be prompted to insert the Windows 98SE CD. A wizard then opens in which you have to select your Internet connection to be shared and the network adapter used to connect to the "Client" PC.

When you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the Internet connection, it automatically configures the network adapter used for your Local Area Network with the IP address and subnet mask The "Client" PC's Local Area Connection should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "Host" PC.

If you are connecting the two computers directly with an ethernet cable - "Network Adapter to Network Adapter" - you must use a *crossover* cable. The alternative is to install a Wireless Network Adapter in the PC, set up an 'Ad Hoc" wireless network (one in which the computers communicate directly) then run the laptop wirelessly.

That is essentially it.

  loop25 18:07 03 Dec 2006

thank you very much

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