Sharing AOL Gold (1Mb) over NTL via Wireless

  tomtom10 16:47 18 May 2005

We have 2 computers in our house, one having a cable (NTL) AOL Gold connection. We would like to share this connection, using wireless networking. Some have claimed to have done this, but I would like to know how one would go about doing this. I would greatly appreciate hardware recommendations and settings recommendations.
Otherwise, we would have to change to the NTL ISP to share the connection, and have a cap imposed... Thankyou in advance.

  CHAIRLEG 23:34 18 May 2005

Click on keyword and enter networking.

  tomtom10 16:45 19 May 2005

On the networking area of the AOL keyword section, they offer no means as to how to network with a cable (NTL) Connection, only with a BT ADSL connection.

  DerekE 19:21 19 May 2005

I think it is bad news, I have the same set up and a friend of my son in law tried. He is responsible for networking all the locations in a large corporation.

He had to give up after 3 hours and told me it was something to do with the set up with NTL whereby AOL "rent" the NTL line and that the IP address changed every time you logged on (I think that is what he said).

  briggzy 20:35 19 May 2005

Hi Tomtom, You should set up in a similar way as you would for adsl, ie you need a wireless router (for cable) and you need to create screen names for both pc's and for the router, a wireless network card for the pc furthest from the modem (or 2 if both are to be wireless)
Try to obtain a router that aol support or you may have some difficulty if you need to call them at any time, see other posts at dslreports for info ie click here

  tomtom10 17:22 20 May 2005

DerekE, I'll think that I'll take your word for it - It is just to complex or cannot be done. We did try in the past, except with ICS, and it refused to be shared. I suppose we will have to switch ISP, to one such as NTL or bulldog, as they can be 'split' via a router. How are people's experiences with NTL or Bulldog?

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