Sharing ADSL

  sbond 21:34 10 Jan 2003
  sbond 21:34 10 Jan 2003

I've been happily runnning 3PCs connected to the internet for many years. Two of these are networked and share the one telphone socket whereas the other is connected to it's own phone socket elsewhere in the house. This is ok as you only ever connect to the phone line when you want to use the internet (and have to wait if someone else is!). However, with broadband being 'always on' will this approach be possible as to connection can surely not be maintained at once. Seems quite simple but I just need some clarification before I go out and buy either miles of cable or some wireless networking kit.

  Paranoid Android 21:52 10 Jan 2003

The quick answer is yes - if one of your machines is using a modem dial-up, this counts as a 'voice' call, whereas your ADSL link is 'data', always on. ADSL is capable of providing both simultaneously.

A much better solution would be to set up a small network with the three machines, a network switch (hub) and a router. You could probably use the router provided with your ADSL setup.


  sbond 21:59 10 Jan 2003

"You could probably use the router provided with your ADSL setup" - By this do you mean one is/may be supplied by whichsoever ISP I choose to go with? I thought it was only modems and microfilters. I'd rather not be using the 56K dial-up option but did realise this was available.

  Paranoid Android 22:25 10 Jan 2003

If you have broadband you will need a router. Most ISP's packages have this built into the setup cost, but you may have the option to buy your own if you want.

ADSL is slightly different and I'm not sure of my facts.


  sbond 22:30 10 Jan 2003

I am currently just using a software proxy server for the two networked PCs but was considering getting a router or setting up a spare PC as a Linux Mini-router. However, if the ISP will suply a router with the setup I'm sure I'd be most happy to use one.

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