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  Fullywired 19:56 27 Jul 2006

hi guys! i've been asked to design a site for a hairdressers and upon asking what she wanted, she pointed me to various sites to pick various bits from, the one i'm having problems with is the navigation bar, i need to somehow recreate the menu from click here (e.g the drop down menu when you hover over an option) i have figured out how to do a basic version of this using sharepoint designer 2007 however it uses ASP.Net which severly bumps up the price of hosting to around £60 a year. can anyone tell me how to do this in frontpage 2003 or sharepoint designer 2007? also while im here, how do i get layers to center in the screen regardless of resolution? mine always end up fixed to the left or to the right depending on resolution!



  ade.h 20:28 27 Jul 2006

Those are javascript flyouts, which FP should be able to handle. The code is simple if you need to DIY.

Layers don't centre; tables and CSS can centre, but layered objects use fixed positioning rather than relative positioning and therefore cannot centre in different window sizes.

  Fullywired 21:18 27 Jul 2006

any places to go for the code? i havent got a clue about CSS so i'll just put it all in a table i think!

thanks for the help!



  ade.h 21:35 27 Jul 2006

I don't use CSS either, although that's simply because my software does not offer full support for it beyond text layouts. Tables are fine provided you do them properly - they can go quite pear shaped if you let them get away from you.

Javascript code? All over the web, really. Go to the W3Schools site first of all and start learning it. It must be pretty easy if I can do it.

  harristweed 11:41 28 Jul 2006

can be found here...

click here

  Fullywired 16:23 13 Aug 2006

decided to go with javascript, found a nice litte program called AllWebMenus Pro and created them perfectly, added them into Microsoft Expression Web Designer with ease and am awaiting hosting info!



  Forum Editor 19:08 13 Aug 2006

for professional hosting - I charge that, and a good bit more in some cases.

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