Shared Graphics

  kaytom 09:37 16 Mar 2003

I am about to purchase a Pentium p4 2.5Ghz ,256Mb Ram computer but noted the graphics is 64MB shared.I will not be using it for gaming. Will the shared graphics be ok for watching DVD movies or is it best to avoid shared graphics altogether. Any advice will be much appreciated

  Nessie 09:42 16 Mar 2003

The shared graphics should be fine for DVD. It would struggle with high end games but normal use should not be a problem. If you check that it has AGP on the mobo and then for about £50 you can buy a graphics card and install it if you find the graphics sluggish. Hope this helps

  Sunny-275842 09:44 16 Mar 2003

if you can avoid shared as shared means (sometimes) sound and display is shared 32 for sound and 32 for display. i would personally get a own dedicated graphics card disable the onboard or shared graphics on your pc.

  kaytom 09:53 16 Mar 2003

Thanks for the advice

  polmar 10:07 16 Mar 2003

What are you talking about???

32MB of Ram for SOUND ????

Please show me the board that does this, if it exists!!!

Is this a case of the blind leading the partially sighted?

  polmar 17:35 16 Mar 2003

We are waiting

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