shared folder - can't see my mp3's

  Superstylin 11:42 06 Sep 2005

hi, i've set up my wireless network to share my music folder but when accessing it on the client pc i can't see the mp3's. why?

  Superstylin 13:47 06 Sep 2005


  flavas 15:03 06 Sep 2005

How did you create the share on the folder?

  scotty 15:42 06 Sep 2005

If you copy other types of files into the folder are they visible on the client pc?

  ACOLYTE 16:43 06 Sep 2005

Have you tried putting the my music folder in the shared doc folder,or just making the folder a shared folder in the folder properties.

  Superstylin 23:07 06 Sep 2005

sorry about the delay in response

i right clicked the folder, selected properties, chose the sharing tab and clicked share this folder on the network.

  Superstylin 23:13 06 Sep 2005

yes scotty i can see other types of files but not the mp3's

  Superstylin 01:03 07 Sep 2005

if i make the file itself shared then i can see it on 'my network places' but as a stand alone item. what i want to see is all of my mp3 files in the music folder but it's just not happening!

  Superstylin 01:16 07 Sep 2005

me again....found that actually having the mp3's in the 'my music' folder means i can see them on the client pc. i originally had them on a custom folder. i have no idea why i can see them in one folder and not the other

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