shared files missing

  moorie 14:40 24 Jun 2006

hi i have 2 pcs and 2 laptops everything ok until this morning when on only one of the laptops the shared files have vanished in my network places,other 3 ok?

  ade.h 14:51 24 Jun 2006

Is your auto-population on or off? (Found in Folder View settings, bizarrely).

  moorie 15:01 24 Jun 2006

sorry ade bit slow on uptake which folder my network places has blank screen

  ade.h 15:29 24 Jun 2006

Doesn't matter. Any folder. Open a folder - go to Folder Options > View. See if the option is checked or not. Its status when this loss of the shortcut occurred influences what advice I should give you.

  ade.h 15:30 24 Jun 2006

Oh, and maybe check it on the other client as well (the one from which this share originates). Just for consistency.

  moorie 10:45 26 Jun 2006

ade the problem turns out to be the client share was not installed so have redone that and the files re appear,the client share has also disapeared off two of the other computers connected so have had to do the same.any idea why this would of happened?
ps internet been down since saturday tea time for essential works,sorry for delay

  ade.h 16:08 26 Jun 2006

S'okay, no worries. I just figured that you were off sorting it, inbetween all the real-world stuff that interrupts us! LOL.

I haven't much clue as to why the shared folder would dissappear; do you mean that the folder's share status reverted itself, or just the shortcuts/references to it were lost? I'm intrigued by that one; off to do a bit of searching.

  moorie 16:43 26 Jun 2006

thanks for reply ade.h, sorry my previous reply was a bit misleading i stated client share was not intalled what i should have said was client for microsoft network was not installed in the properties of ethenet adapter on the problem pcs but was prior to shared folders going walkabout once reinstalled they appeared soz to mislead you,hope you havent wasted too much time

  ade.h 17:54 26 Jun 2006

No, that's okay. I hadn't started invstigating yet anyways (busy trying to upload a site to a sub-domain: oh what fun!). Thanks for the info and glad you got it sorted. Happy file sharing!

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