Shared File on wrong PC/Laptop...

  j'arrow 12:46 24 Feb 2006

Tower PC [XP Pro SP2]
Laptop [XP Home]
Desktop PC [Win ME]
Netgear MR814v2 Router - 10mb Broadband ...

Months ago I bought the router and using a netgear [MA111] usb receiver I shared by broadband with the kids desktop, then I hooked up the wife's laptop [Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter] - no problems, we can all share the internet. For security I set the router up to only accept connections from these computer, 128bit WEP encryption.

After a night in the pub I decided to create a shared folder between the laptop and the tower to share files in that folder, created a unique workgroup ID and after a bit of a struggle created a folder that both the laptop and the tower can both see and share to and from.

I then decided to *try* and gain access to this shared folder from my kids PC so that we could then all share through this folder - but I created the shared folder on the laptop, thus the laptop would need to be on so that we can access the files. "Simple" I thought, I'll delete all that I've done and re-create the network with the shared folder on my tower so the laptop needn't be connected.

But I can't ! I don't really remember how I initially set up the network and no matter what I try I can't undo the network that I have. The tower can see all three machine in "View workgroup computers" and connect to the shared folder... the laptop can't access the "View workgroups" as it can't find the network path - even though it's still sharing through the common folder.

I haven't bothered with the kids desktop as I don't want to be in the situation that I need to power up the laptop just to share files.

What have I done wrong and how do I fix it please ?

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