Shared file not showing in Vista

  Beth 15:41 20 Sep 2011

I'm setting up a presentation in Powerpoint 2010. I'm using an XP desktop because that's where the photographs I need are stored. I'm trying to share the file with a Vista Home Premium laptop. I've been through all the setup options recommended by the MS helpline but I still can't find the file in the Vista public folder. A shared printer works without problems so the PCs are communicating. I've had several goes but I can't work out where I'm going wrong.

  Woolwell 15:48 20 Sep 2011

In the Network and Sharing Center on the Vista laptop is file sharing and public folder sharing set to on?

  Beth 15:54 20 Sep 2011

Yes, both are set to on.

  Woolwell 16:01 20 Sep 2011

Briefly turn off the firewall on the Vista laptop and now try to access the public folder.

  Beth 16:26 20 Sep 2011

I gave that a go but the file still isn't showing.

  Woolwell 16:58 20 Sep 2011

Just to check is it just that file? Or you cannot get access to the public folder?

  Beth 15:12 21 Sep 2011

It isn't just this file. I've tried before but wasn't too fussed when it didn't work. I need it to work this time, though. The desktop 'HOMEPC' is not showing on the network list on the laptop. I'm clueless but I tried to get that to work yesterday. It did but then I lost access to the internet and ended up having to do a system restore.

  Woolwell 16:51 21 Sep 2011

I'm surprised that the printer is working with the problems that you have seeing the homepc. I assume that you have set up a wireless network and it has a common name. XP uses MSHOME and Vista Workgroup as default. I suggest that you run through the wireless network wizard again.

  Woolwell 16:52 21 Sep 2011

ps the quick way out is a memory stick.

  Beth 18:10 21 Sep 2011


I finally got there. Your last post got me thinking and, after more experimenting, I found a 'hotfix' on the MS website.

It was good to hear from you. Thanks.

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