shareaza problem

  Chezdez 18:00 29 Jan 2005

hey guys,

just downloaded shareaza today, seemd OK for downloading, but it did mention something about forwarding a port? i'm not sure how to do this (or which port for that matter, sorry), so could some explain please? thanks in advance

also, once i have started up shareaza, then my browsers fail. sometimes they fail as soon as it is started, other times, once i shut down shareaza. when i say fail, i mean they just can't access the net, firefox just returns the 'page cannot be found' and IE just doesn't do anything. so far, the only way to solve this is to reboot (logging on and off doesn't work)

is this related to the above, or something seperate?

by the way, XP, SP2

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 18:18 29 Jan 2005

its probably something to do with shareeza, its full of adaware tracking cookies etc,
i would use a different p2p client such as

ABC{yabtc} click here

BIT TORRENT click here




i use ABC & WINMX both very good

  tenplus1 18:26 29 Jan 2005

Shareaza does not have any adware or tracking cookies in it at all... I've been using Shareaza since last year and it has always worked well...

Make sure you're using the latest version of Shareaza and if possible, pop into the forum and get the latest alpha as most bugs are usually fixed through that...

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 18:39 29 Jan 2005

ok i apologise if i got it wrong, but i tried shareza about 18mths ago an got rid for those reasons.??

  Chezdez 22:33 29 Jan 2005

tried bit torrent, could barely get any speed out of it, which port needs forwarding and how do i do it please anybody? thanks

  VoG II 22:44 29 Jan 2005

Well Chezdez, I just hope that you know what you are doing.

Those of us who have been here a bit longer than you have had to recover systems from the effects of using P2P programs. Not only do they come bundled with malware; you also have no idea whether what you are downloading is a song or a virus.

Several cleanups of daughter's laptop later (some with the help of this forum, thank you again) she has now seen the light.

  Chezdez 23:11 29 Jan 2005

i've been using P2P software for a while, and yes, they are all horribly infested with spyware, malware etc etc, but i use spyware and adaware, zone alarm, AVG 7 (all fully updated), and that keeps the worst of it at bay

i do find that i have to format every 6 - 9 months or so, because it does all eventually clog up, but i don't find this to be too much of a problem

but anyway, which port needs forwarding for shareaza (i'm not to bothered about this going belly up, i backed up last week)

  joethebow 23:53 29 Jan 2005

The new P2P god is Exeeme, it has just been released by the good people who used to run Suprnova, the best bittorrent site ever. You can get it here: click here

Port forwarding is easy, I assume you're running XP. First off, you need to know the port number. In the case of Exeeme it's 4000 & 6881.

Go to Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall and make sure there is a green tick in ON and not in'Don't allow Exceptions'. Now click Exceptions at the top of the window. Click ADD PORT, give it a name, enter the port number, click OK, then do the same for the next port. When you have all the ports open that you need close everything down. Job Done. If you make a mistake or no longer need the port open you can go back in and either change or delete the entries.

  easyrider66 20:23 31 Jan 2005

Have a look here for full info on how to configure Shareaza.
click here


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