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  diesel1948 18:37 09 Nov 2005

Guys I have set up a Belkin ADSL Modem with built in router on my Bulldog broadband line and suprisingly I found it quite simple to do. I have a lead going from back of my desktop to router and a lead going to the telephone line and thats it. My wife and son have laptops both with cards installed and when they switched them on they just founf the router and they were both online very quickly. Makes me wonder if my neighbour next door got a laptop with a card, he would join us because there seemed no security.
Anyway I want to share the printer on the desktop with the 2 laptops. Oh by the way if the desktop is switched off the 2 laptops carry on online. I went into the printer properties and clicked on share this printer, then went onto laptop, my computer my network then view workgroup computers and hthe desktop was not there. Obviously the laptops have nothing to do with the desktop. Can anyone tell me in detail how to share this printer? Thanks in anticipation. diesel

  Bagsey 19:23 09 Nov 2005

I share my printers with a data switch. It is unlikely that everyone will want to print at the same time so just changing the switch position is ok. I have 2 computers and 2 printers and can put either printer to either computer.

  diesel1948 19:21 11 Nov 2005

Forgive my ignorance Bagsey but I am not sure if your answer helps me, I dont even know what a data switch is. I could do with a more detailed explanation.

  jhm 19:25 11 Nov 2005

I'm not sure if this too easy an answer, but go to Control Panel/Printers and Faxes and add a printer to your laptops

  jhm 19:28 11 Nov 2005

PS re the security aspect of router, you need to get it set up with at least WEP password becuase yes your neighbour will be able to use your connection and possibly get to your files

  diesel1948 19:49 11 Nov 2005

how would you set it up with wep password friend

  diesel1948 19:59 11 Nov 2005

jhm that solution to add printer to laptops did not work

  diesel1948 20:01 11 Nov 2005

My daughter has done something that makes windows messenger start up and sign her in everytime I switch computer on. Anyone know how to stop it?

  diesel1948 20:43 11 Nov 2005

The Windows messenger problem is solved

  Bagsey 10:44 12 Nov 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. A data switch is a change over switch that switches from one data line to You could take a data line from each computer and connect it it to a port on the switch. From the switch you would have a cable to the printer. This cable is of course then connected to the computer being used for priting by putting the knob on the switch to the appropiate position for that computer. As I said in my earlier post it is possible to connect 2 printers to 2 computers with the switch I have, allowing me to use a general purpose printer for documents etc. from both my machines or to switch to my photo printer from both machines or any combination of settings. These switches come in many varieties and number of switch positions and the mechanically operated version (hand Operated) are cheap. It is also possible to pay more and get a switch that is electrically changed by request from the computer that needs to print. In other words a print queue is formed from the computers on the system and the switch changes itself to order. These are of course MUCH more expensive and I could not justify the cost for home use. In fact I could never get the money for their use in school.
The switch I have is for parrallel ports only but maplins etc have them for USB ported printers. I hope that this explains my earlier posting. Some people say that these switches are unreliable but I have been using my system for about 8 years with no trouble.

  diesel1948 11:34 12 Nov 2005

Bagsey: Thank you very much for the detailed explanation sir I will consider the options.

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