Shall I move to Broadband?

  gel 17:49 19 Jul 2005

Hello I am seriosly considering moving from dial up to broadband(like a lot of folk)
At present I am with Wanadoo.
Are there any downsides to broadband apart from the cost?
Should I stay with Wanadoo or move to another supplier.If so who?
Grateful for any advice or comment.

  Kate B 17:54 19 Jul 2005

Do it - you'll never look back. Just be aware that you'll have to be vigilant about keeping AV, firewalls, anticrudware up to date.

  andrew-196854 17:59 19 Jul 2005

yes go for it , but just remember some isp limit you on how much you can download per month and you surfing time, ie say 6gb a month . so i would consider how much you are going to use broadband and what for .

  flyboy 18:01 19 Jul 2005

Go for it, I use wanadoo bb, no complaints.

  sat481 18:02 19 Jul 2005

If you go to some ISP's, like pipex for example, you can get unlimited download..

Worth looking into when your deciding..


  Newuser3519 18:06 19 Jul 2005

I have just jacked my dial-up with NTL and gone over to broadband with Pipex. Fantastic difference. The increased cost is well worth it and no limit.

  Diemmess 18:09 19 Jul 2005

Yes, but to illustrate a point, that of capping and other limits.

Aol for example has an anytime, no limit, on dial-up and the same on BBand, but appear expensive.

Being market canny, they have reduced the price of their slowest BB and since doubled the speed of every version...... They used and still do have 0800 numbers for help, but this will end in early August unless the customer signs on for telephone connection.......

As far as I know all involve a 1 year contract which includes a modem, and after that it reverts to a monthly contract

  Stuartli 18:10 19 Jul 2005

Tiscali has just reintroduced its £14.99 a month for 1MB offer (2GB cap and £1.50 a GB if exceeded); average price is £17.99 for similar 1MB elsewhere.

In fact Tiscali reckons average individual monthly use of its subscribers is only 800MB a month.

  Newuser3519 18:33 19 Jul 2005

Pipex has a 1 month contract with free asdl modem,adaptors and connection. If you leave them before the 1st year us up you pay them for the modem

  Danoh 19:03 19 Jul 2005

As Kate B says, the downside is the increased risk to online nasties, which are easily kept at bay but is still an additional consideration.

The other is having to choose from the wide range of broadband services available now due to increased competition, but then you are also benefiting by the significant price reductions.

Some Broadband suppliers make it very difficult for you to use email addressses which are not provided by them (e.g. BT and Tiscalli, I think).

IMHO, you don't really get the benefits from the internet without broadband.

However, if you only get and respond to a few emails a week, hardly visit any web sites and don't do any downloads or large updates online such as the Windows security updates, then you could save some money and stay with dial-up.

So there will still be a sizeable minority for whom broadband is unnecessary or uneconomic.

There's also a growing awareness that for some, Broadband on demand is the best fit. That is to say, when you do need occasional downloads or extended web site browsing, you pay extra for a short period of broadband access while staying on dialup the rest of the time.

  Legolas 19:03 19 Jul 2005


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