gel 15:24 20 Jul 2006

I have a desk top which does not have a RJ45 port, but I have a new dell lap top which does and a wireless card.
I have bought a belkin ADSL modem with Wireless G router model F5D7632uk4D and an adapter for my desk top Belkin wireless G USB network adapter model F5D7050uk.
I am therefore going ( I hope) to set up the lap top.
Do do this I will disconnect the speed touch modem from the telephone input thus disconnecting the desk top from the internet.
Then I shall connect the modem router to the telephone input and then to the lap top and proceed to install. Finally if all has gone well I shall install the USB adapter to the desk top.
Can any one spot anything amiss with my intentions?
I shall go and have a cup of tea whilst I worry what might go wrong!!

  FelixTCat 15:47 20 Jul 2006


That sounds OK. It would be preferable to connect the laptop to the router by cable whilst setting up, otherwise an inadvertent change to the router setup could lock you out and you will then have to reset it and start again.

Don't forget when setting up the desktop to change My Computer - Control Panel - Internet Properties - Connections to "Never dial a connection" when you've fitted the wireless card.



  gel 15:53 20 Jul 2006

Thank you 'FelixTCat' I shall proceed.
I will come back either with a query or to say 'resolved' -that is if I can still get on line.

  FelixTCat 15:57 20 Jul 2006

Good luck!


  ade.h 16:37 20 Jul 2006

"Can any one spot anything amiss with my intentions?"

Only slightly, and it's possibly just down to your wording; routers do not install - no software, no drivers, nothing except a PC, a browser and the router's config.

So it doesn't matter which client you use to configure the router, as long as you don't inadvertantly try to have two connections from the same client - ie, connected by Ethernet while attempting to connect wirelessly. I have seen people trying that!

  gel 16:38 20 Jul 2006

Hello I am back
Connected the modem router to phone and the lap top Powered uo modem router. booted the lap top -inserted the number in the address bar And that's as far as it has gone. Nothing happened.
Back on speed touch with the query What have I done or not done?

  ade.h 16:43 20 Jul 2006

You didn't uninstall the modem's drivers and software or at the very least change the connection behaviour in Internet Options.

  ade.h 16:44 20 Jul 2006

See my first response here click here

  gel 17:16 20 Jul 2006

I am still having problems On the lap top I have altered 'Always dial my default connection' to Never dial a connection'
I have inserted in internet browser and then it stops
I notice at the bottom right of screen if I hover over the wireless connections I get details that the belkin is recognised and the signal is strong it gives an address as
Any thoughts please

  ade.h 17:45 20 Jul 2006

You should not be trying to access the router through a wireless connection because you obviously have not configured it yet. That's what the Ethernet cable is for!

With most routers, such as Belkin, you must configure the router's internet connection, then configure the wireless service and then set up encryption - all through a wired link.

Any subsequent adjustments that relate to or affect the wireless link in any way must - for reason which I hope will be obvious - be done through a wired connection.

And I'll repeat what I said earlier: do not attempt to have two simultaneous connections to the router on the SAME client. Very bad idea. First Ethernet, then wireless; not both.

It does not matter which client is used to configure the router; it is merely a tool for gaining access.

  gel 17:48 20 Jul 2006

Thank you ade.h but what exactly am I doing wrong.
Please help

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