swanny3 12:59 03 Nov 2004

i started up me pc this morn an for some reason i have like shadow lines on me screen,all the grey lines r kinda highlighted i havent reset anything any ideas anyone as its annoying.
ty .

  Chris..b 13:39 03 Nov 2004

It could be an image 'burnt' on to the monitor.

If you have had one image on the computer screen for a long time it can cause it to burn onto the c=screen and it can cause a shodow effect.

Before you buy a new monitor i would surgest taht you try to borrow one before spending money.

+ if they shadows are moving it can be due to interferance (usually fuzzy lines) try moving the computer.

If the shadows stay in the same place most likely is screen burn

  swanny3 14:02 03 Nov 2004

cheers mate iwill try it but it seems like the lines eg- when i go too favs etc and point me mouse at somethin when i highlite it the line extends on whatever i point at ..if that makes sense. :O) i checked me settings onthe monitor an it set at 9300 ...

  Giggle n' Bits 14:21 03 Nov 2004

also check you Graphics display to be 75Hz, 800x600 or 1024x768 also 32Bit colour.

Then look at your driver, what type of graphics have you got ?

  swanny3 14:31 03 Nov 2004

i have nvidia vanta lt compaq card m8. as for checking mygraphic display where do i go too check it m8.also i have had me speakers on a shelf above me monitor for a long time an its been ok its set in ie. 800x600 but always been 16bit ive never altered that.. im running win/me ty ..

  swanny3 16:29 03 Nov 2004

where do i go mate too change it too 75hz...

  swanny3 18:15 03 Nov 2004

also the text is a bit hard too see as well i know im a ole man like, but me eyesights not deteriated overnite

  swanny3 17:42 08 Nov 2004

I am still getting this grey shadow lines on me monitor wherever me mouse goes.ive no idea any1 .its really annoying now..

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