Shadow lines accross monitor

  herc182 12:45 15 Oct 2003

Dear people,

Have been given a computer at work and the display is buggered! there are shadowed lines (horizontal) accross the screen that seem to correspond to text lines or pictures. somthing is clearly wrong! anyone know what it is?



  harristweed 12:58 15 Oct 2003

Why do you think you were given this monitor? Sounds like screen burn.

  pj123 13:08 15 Oct 2003

harristweed's answer excepted, (which I thought was brilliant) Modern Monitors don't get screen burn anymore. It could be the wrong graphics drivers or the wrong resolution. Secondhand monitors are available from many places at around £20 to £30 try this site click here for a start. Do you know what the graphics card is?

  Stuartli 13:25 15 Oct 2003

It might not be a "modern" monitor...:-)


Do you mean that you have been given the system at work to use at work or for your personal use?

If it's the latter a local independent TV workshop could cure it, but how long it would last is open to debate.

As suggested, pre-owned monitors are so cheap these days (my son got a 21in Dell for £109 including p and p) that you might think it's worth scrapping it.

  herc182 13:26 15 Oct 2003

harristweed - i had this monitor before on a different computer so the monitor is fine.

pj123 - graphics card is creative CT6971 GeForce 256.

Do you think i should update the driver (given this is my work computer!)

  PA28 14:07 15 Oct 2003

Check the connecting lead for damaged pins. Updated drivers may help, but remember that the monitor probably predates the graphics card by a number of years. Double check your display settings, work from 640x480 up, and - in particular - set your scan rate down to 60hz or so, and then only gently increase (it may not take above 70-75hz and if you overcook it you may well do permanent damage to the monitor).

  Djohn 15:17 15 Oct 2003

Are these lines the same height/width of the text and continue right across the screen even before the text and after it?

If you had printed a text document then very lightly drawn a pencil over the text, [Same hight] as if to highlight it but again continued the lines from the right hand edge of the paper to the far left edge?

  herc182 15:34 15 Oct 2003


That is exactly what the problem is.

How do i fix it!

  Djohn 15:48 15 Oct 2003

Sorry but I don't think you can. I had a new 19" monitor that did exactly the same thing.

If you lightly tap the top of the case, or squeeze the sides of the monitor, the lines will disappear for a moment, but return.

iiyama sent an engineer out to look at mine and he was able to access controls, [through a combination of menu controls] that I never knew existed. But even then was unable to cure the problem.

He did tell me the name of the interference and the part that was the most probable cause. But to my relief when he went back to his van, and brought in a brand new monitor, I forgot!

The monitor was only two months old when it developed this fault, but according to the technician was beyond economical repair and would be scrapped. Sorry. j.

  herc182 16:54 15 Oct 2003

cheers. looks like it was the monitor!
thanks again

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