rawprawn 17:31 11 May 2003

I have just tried to run this file scan & found it told me I had other files than Windows , & I should put in the XP disc to bring the system back to normal. I did this but I got a message saying that the disc I had put in was not the correct one ( I only have the one ) It asked also for the SP1disc & I have a copy of the download. It said that this was the wrong disc, when I tried to get out & cancelled the copmputer hung & I had to switch off to abort. Everything seems to be OK, but what is happening ? any ideas?

  woodchip 17:42 11 May 2003

You have more than likely tried to load a Restore disc not an XP disc. it contains the above but it's one provided with software to restore your computer to as when you bought it

  rawprawn 18:47 11 May 2003

No, I only have one disc which is the one that Dell supplied with the machine, apart from that the only other disc I have is a copy of SP1 that I made. I'm sure that I am doing someting simple that is wrong but for the life in me I can't figure out what. It is only about 6 weeks ago that I crashed & totally reinstalled using this disc.

  woodchip 19:36 11 May 2003

Yes that from Dell is a Restore disc, with XP on it and software. If you do not have any files of importance just start with the CD and it will restore everything. Except any items you installed after

  woodchip 19:37 11 May 2003

PS you will lose E-Mail etc if you do not save to CD

  rawprawn 12:14 12 May 2003

Thanks, I did a repair from the cd & it restored everything so I am now back to normal. Just out of interest I ran sfc with no problems, thanks for your help.

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