sfc /scannow questions

  Furkin 20:11 01 Jan 2008

I've just carried out a sfc /scannow on my Acer desktop.
I had to put in the original windows CD,,,,
For the first few tries, I got an error message saying it was the wrong CD. Of course it was the correct one (as supplied directly from MS). I tried it several times in both my CD Drives.
Sometimes I got the message to put S.P:2 CD in. When I did this, I was also told it was wrong (again supplied by MS)
Being a bit tenacious I kept trying & trying,,,, eventually it did start to read the CD, but very slowly.
I kept getting the ‘RETRY’ button,,,,, & kept pressing it.
It took about 45 minutes to go through it,,,, & I had to keep pressing the Retry button,,,, probably 100 times whilst this went on.
At the end, the on-screen display disappeared - & that was that !
There was nothing to say that it had ended,,, or that anything had been done,,,, or recommended anything,,,, in fact nothing at all.
Does this sound normal ?
If so, I’m sorry to waste your time - but it didn’t seem quite right to me.

  Stuartli 20:15 01 Jan 2008

Do you have two optical drives?

If so, make sure you are using the D drive and not the E (or whatever letter has been assigned to it).

If you have a rewriter and a ROM drive, the rewriter will (normally) be D.

  Stuartli 20:17 01 Jan 2008

Also see:

click here

  VoG II 20:18 01 Jan 2008
  sunny staines 21:01 01 Jan 2008

I have always found it asks for the cd each time it finds an error even though its in the tray already, which means pressing the retry button several times in one scan.

  [email protected] 21:06 01 Jan 2008
  Furkin 23:26 01 Jan 2008

thanks folks,
will certainly look into these links/I386 bit tomorrow.

If I put the file 1386 onto C:, do I still need to uncheck "hidden file" (M.Comp > tools > folder options > view +) ?
If I do 'uncheck' hidden files,,,, where do I see them & how do I know if they'r corrupt ?

Any idea if either method (todays attempt using CD or the 'on-board' methed) should end as abruptly as mine did today ?
STUARTLI: My drives are:
D: is second HDD
E: is DVD/CD-RW (DVD reader-CD reader/writer)
H: is DVD-RAM - RW (DVD & CD ReWriter)
Which is my optimum one, in case I need to use the CD ?
cheers all

  Stuartli 00:00 02 Jan 2008

E will be the equivalent of D in this case as you have two hard drives; however I would try both to establish which is the appropriate drive.

In my case (two optical drives) the DVD rewriter is D and the DVD-ROM is E; no matter which way they are installed this is the way it is configured by XP Pro (I presume because the rewriter is the Master).

  Furkin 14:32 02 Jan 2008

I have looked at 'UPDATEXP.COM'.
I have put a copy of 1386 onto my C:\ drive & altered the SourcePath (Marc calls it sourcepaTch - I assume he means PATH & not PATCH) to C:\ then tried again. (I kept a note of the original setting,,,,, but for some unknown reason, I hadn’t saved it properly when I re-booted. Any ideas what it might have been guys ? I can’t recall it mentioning a drive number !)

My machine still asks me to use the CD.
It seems to work in either Drive,,,, tho' I did see in the settings that the S.P.2 was done on H:\ drive.

I ran the scan anyway, & it only stopped once throughout, saying that the wrong disc was in the drive (either) so after clicking retry several times, to no avail, I clicked it off. It asked if I wanted to "Skip this file ?". I thought the scan was being stopped so I clicked yes. It then carried on with the scan. No more stops/retries. It still ended abruptly with no details or anything.
I checked back to the sourcepath & it does state that it's C:\ !

I havn’t ‘unchecked’ the protected operating system files. Yet, as I would prefer to know what happens once they are open,,,, where I see them,,, if it does any harm to the reg once open etc.

The “UPDATEXP site doesn’t make it clear whether we have to do that as well as the 1386 bit,,,, or instead of the 1386 bit.
Anyway - the scan seemed a hell of a lot better this time - probably fixed quite a bit yesterday ?!

As I intend to do it more often, I would like to run it from the C:\ drive in future.

Any ideas where I might have gone wrong please

  Stuartli 17:22 02 Jan 2008

No details are provided at the end of the Windows File Protection scan.

You could also try CheckDisk.

Go to My Computer>Explore>highlight your hard drive>right click>Properties>Tools tab>click the Error Checking section's Check Now button.

Choose all options if you wish. To run ChkDsk you have to Reboot.

  Furkin 19:29 03 Jan 2008

Thanks again Stuartli,
Have run chkdsk on both hdd's.

Does anyone know where i'm going wrong with the On-board sfc scan routine please ?

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