sfc /scannow probs

  campal 20:57 08 Jul 2006

i am having probs with windows explorer when using sfc /scannow it asks for win xp pro disc when i have win xp home i used to have xp pro but reformatted hd drive nd installed home edition so i cannot proparly use scannow

  ade.h 20:58 08 Jul 2006

Probably fixable by this click here

  GaT7 21:02 08 Jul 2006

"There is a known issue with this in XP.

1. Sometimes repeatedly selecting the Retry option will eventually cause it to run normally.

2. If no joy, insert your XP CD in the and let it startup. When you see the XP
menu, click on "Exit" (at the lower left corner). Now open Start/Run and type SFC /SCANNOW.

3. If not, the installation path to the CD may have been changed.

To reset the Installation Path;

a. The easiest way is to use the TweakUI PowerToy. Start TweakUI and go to My Computer/Special Folders/Installation Path. Click on the Change button and make sure the path points to the CD Drive.

TweakUI is available with the Windows XP Powertoys from
click here

b. The other option is to manually edit the registry for the installation path in these 2 Keys..

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Setup
Double click the Source Path value and change it to point to the CD Drive.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version - Source Path"

From click here - post by Ronnie Vernon MVP


  woodchip 21:32 08 Jul 2006
  SG Atlantis® 21:40 08 Jul 2006

if you have 2 drives try placing the disc in the other one.

  woodchip 21:54 08 Jul 2006

The problem is when you load SP2 Vog had a good link for this I should have bookmarked it.

  woodchip 22:23 08 Jul 2006

This could help click here

  rdave13 22:30 08 Jul 2006

Had the same problem but kept on clicking continue. Works now.

  VoG II 23:08 08 Jul 2006

My link is the same one that ade.h posted.

  woodchip 15:41 09 Jul 2006

Thank's bookmarked

  Stuartli 15:46 09 Jul 2006

I have two optical drives - the rewriter (Master) is D and the DVD-ROM drive is E.

I have to use the rewriter to run sfc /scannow when logic would apparently suggest using the DVD-ROM drive...:-)

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