Sexually explicit e-mail

  Shanks 10:06 17 Jun 2004

Hi there, I use Outlook 2002 and yesterday I got about 10 and this moring I receieved 32 messages containing very graphic images - certainly not what I want my wife or children viewing by accident. The sender and subject is different each time, althoug hthe image is the same so it must be from the same source. I get no warning from Norton which is updated. I know I can turn the reading pane off but would rather prevent them from coming in at all. Is there anything I can do or is likely to stop soon anyway.


  Stuartli 10:24 17 Jun 2004

Those of us who, like me, are fed up with ISPs such as Tiscali who distribute dozens of these e-mails every week, merely delete any obvious unwanted e-mails.

Tiscali can stop such e-mails from reaching you but has the audacity to charge you for the service, even though it distributes the e-mails itself.

My other ISP, Pipex, has only sent one such e-mail in eight years and promptly acted when I complained about it.

I don't use Outlook - it's more business orientated than Outlook Express - but OE does have Message Rules and you could try configuring it to deal with such e-mails using a variety of words such as XXX, sex etc.

However, the senders of such e-mails constantly change their approach so it is difficult to keep on top of the situation.

  Stuartli 10:25 17 Jun 2004

Meant to say that I'm sure that Outlook has a similar Message Rules feature to OE.

  Shanks 10:34 17 Jun 2004

Thanks Stuartli

I use the Message rules option for a number of things but the problem with this is there doesn't seem to be anything common that I can set the rule to (apart from the images). The sender and subject are different each time and there is no attachment that I can block either.

I'm using BT Broadband so I guess I can forward one to themn and see what they can do about it.


  ventanas 10:35 17 Jun 2004

I get about twenty of these each day. Outlook 2003 just dumps them in the Junkmail folder and they then get deleted. As you say though, very explicit. I've only seen the wording, not the images, as 2003 turns them off. Perhaps just as well. I suppose they'll stop in time.

  Tog 10:42 17 Jun 2004

If you have Norton AntiSpam (part of NIS2004), you can tell it to shove all emails from people not in you address book into a spam folder. Doesn't stop it, just tidies it away until you can find a proper solution

  Shanks 10:53 17 Jun 2004

Thanks tog and Ventanas. Unfortunately because this is arriving to my work address, I get relevant mail from many people who aren't in my address book yet and I can't risk losing that to the junk/deleted items folder.

I'm only on OL2002 so the junk filter isn't as effective as the one in 2003


  FRANKMAC 11:51 17 Jun 2004

You say you are with BT Broadband, I am with BT Openworld. They supply a very good SPAM filter, i never recive any Sexually Explicit emails and only a very few junk emails get through, which are prompyly added to Blocked Senders list. Maybe its worth enquiring with BT Broadband if they supply a similar service. (btw, its free with BT openworld).

  Chris the Ancient 12:01 17 Jun 2004

I'm not sure how you're configured for 'work'. Personally, I'm self-employed - so have different e-mail addresses for 'work' and 'personal' - but all on my own computer.

On top of this, I use Mailwasher click here The latest version is very flexible in allowing you to set up who you let through or not. It also gives the facility to delete e-mails at the server. (However, DON'T use the 'Bounce' facility as some spammers can beat that!).

Mailwasher also now 'learns' who your friends are (and your enemies) and offers to let you store their addresses (or not)

There is now a preview pane that you can read the text in (but not images) a mail so you can make a decision on what to do with the e-mail without opening it.



  spuds 12:14 17 Jun 2004

I like many others, get this sort of rubbish every day. If I do not reconize the email type, then it's Deleted.

I am sure the ISP's could do more about this problem if they wanted. But as their service is being used to distribute this rubbish, why should they make a commercial decision and lose a large amount of revenue!. At present a no win situation, I suspect.

  g0slp 12:37 17 Jun 2004

Chris the Ancient sums up what I'd advise too. Mailwasher, whilst not perfect, is a great 'first line of defence'.

The sooner this filth is stopped, the better...


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