Sex Pest

  cylon 17:14 08 Nov 2006

A colleague has approached me and asked about a problem he is having.

On his home PC, which is shared use, a shortcut has appeared titled 'Sex Passport'. He has tried to remove it but it returns at bootup.

On examination of the shortcut it seems to point to a URL. It was innocent for a period but now seems to be active and display a splash screen which demand monies, at internet startup.

I have advised him to try Spybot and Adaware but he informs me that these have had no effect.

Does anyone have any other advice I could give him

  The Kestrel 17:19 08 Nov 2006

Get your colleague to post his problem on this forum click here they specialise in help removing such revolting malware.

  rawprawn 17:28 08 Nov 2006

Download and update AVG 7.5 click here
Assuming XP, turn system restore off (you will lose all previous restore points) Boot in safe mode (Tap F8 on boot)Run AVG in safe mode and then reboot. Don't forget to turn System restore back on. If this doesn't solve the problem then post a HJT log click here

  Pineman100 17:54 08 Nov 2006

Is it a good idea to lose all his restore points. Mightn't he need them if all else fails?

  Jak_1 18:45 08 Nov 2006

Saving the restore points is not an option if he is to rid himself of the little nasty!

  g0slp 18:56 08 Nov 2006

Good advice already offered. I'd also suggest that individual accounts are set up on the computer in question. If it were me, & it was my machine, I would not give Administrator rights to other account holders unless they could be trusted...

I'd also find out who'd been checking out the pr0n sites, & have a word in their ear...

  bluto1 19:46 08 Nov 2006

Have you or your friend thought of reporting this to the Police. Of course if you`ve deleted everything you`ve no evidence.

  Stuartli 20:00 08 Nov 2006

On what grounds?

It would be extremely difficult - and costly - for the police to deliver any proof of wrong doing in view of the circumstances.

In fact cylon's friend appears to have been quite open about trying to solve how to get rid of the unwanted shortcut, which might well have been loaded by accident.

As far as I know it is not illegal to visit or use pornographic websites, although storing certain types of material on your system is a very serious offence as you are no doubt aware.

Interestingly, the first time I showed a friend the value of using a search engine (Google in this instance) he nominated Michelle Pfiffer as the subject.

Three or four clicks later, to my embarrassment, we were being directed to what was obviously a porn site link.

  headcast 21:39 08 Nov 2006
  Stuartli 21:43 08 Nov 2006

I presume you mean this link:

click here

  headcast 21:51 08 Nov 2006

Stuartli, I don't think that link is any good with this. Have a look here -

click here

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