Lithium 10:01 21 Aug 2007

I have two hdd's one of 160gb (os/programs)((SATA)) and one of 60gb (documents)((IDE)) and for some , wierd reason, when i try to fresh install windows vista OR xp onto the drive it fails. This is because it fails to create a NTFS partition. The hard disc is okay because i have checked both cables and drives in an independant box seperately. I have used Hiren's boot CD and run and tried every app i thought applicable. Such as disc formatters and the like. No luck. I have flashed the BIOS several times but nothing. I dont know if any of you have ever come across this before, but it certainly baffled me, and normally this is the sort of thing i can fix myself.Im only 15 but i know my stuff..
Any help is much appriciated.

Im worried it may be a hardware failure.

Vista says : Windows is unable to find a volume suitable for installation (despite formatting it maany times)

XP Says: There is no NTFS drive to install to. (also formatted)

Want to know the saddest thing? Im running Linux SUSE 10.3 with NO PROBLEMS at all.(disc even formats correctly, i have asked my dad who is a free lance technician: nothing =( ) But its annoying because i cant get the software i need for schoolwork, on linux.

oh and if i hadnt ever read your mag.. i wouldnt have had the confidence to fix stuff myself, and i would have signed up sooner. So thanks for anyone who can help me!

  DieSse 11:13 21 Aug 2007

"i cant get the software i need for schoolwork, on linux."

What software would that be? - maybe we can help with that instead.

  stylehurst 14:09 21 Aug 2007

Is it possible that your drive are formated in a Linux file system, and that there is no free space.
If this is the case then you would need to create a fresh partition on one of your disks (say the os one) which could be used to hold the Windows os.
This new partition would need to be reformatted as either Fat or NTFS.
I suspect (but am not absolutely certain) that you may need a proprietary disk partitioning program to form the partitioning & formatting, something like Partition Magic (which costs) or Ranish which is a freeby.

  Lithium 17:13 21 Aug 2007

NO ihave used MANY boot tools such as Partition magic and the like. All atemptnig this but to no avail. There hass been enough space because i ahve formatted the drive multiple times... Sorry if i sound a bit pushy but like i said i know what im on about.

With reagrd to software i need

Macromedia Flash 8+

  DieSse 17:33 21 Aug 2007

Flash developer for Linux click here

Open Mind - looks to be Windows only.

They might both run under WINE - and if so, it may be worth asking Matchware about WINE and compatability with OpenOffice/Star Office.

Bear in mind you can run older versions of MS Office under WINE and/or CrossoverOffice.

  smoking44 17:40 21 Aug 2007

You need to install SATA drivers when you are installing an operating system (as per windows F6 on installation). Follows winds install instructions to install 3rd party (F6).Appears very early when installing Windows XP or Vista.

  DieSse 17:41 21 Aug 2007

With regard to the drive - which one is it that you can't install a Windows OS two?

Have you tried returning a drive to "factory" condition - you can do this with Seagate Seatools - or possibly with KillDisk. Both of these will remove any strange MBR configurations, as they totally clean down a drive to it's standard "as-manufactured" state.

If you're trying to install on a partition and leave the rest of the stuff alone - I suggest you try and put all your docs from the small drive onto the large one - then use a Seatools "clear to zeroes" on it.

I'm sure Windows will install then. These tools are not simply formatters, they are much more - they clear out everything - data, MBRs etc.

  Lithium 19:13 21 Aug 2007

Thanks all of you. Smoking 44's theory sounds pheasable. If this fails then DieSse i will attemp your method because it also sounds plausable. I dont however understand why, i should NEED to install SATA drivers as i have formatted the disc a lot, and they have been "wiped". I thougth it was hard coded into the BIOS

  Lithium 19:18 21 Aug 2007

Also i have tried the disk in another box with no problems.

  Smiler 19:30 21 Aug 2007

Windows needs the drivers for the sata on your motherboard.

  Smiler 19:32 21 Aug 2007

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