Several Questions about BT Broadband

  MedMan 17:35 10 Mar 2005

I live in a semi. My neighbour and I are thinking of clubbing toether to share a BT Broadband 2Mb Connection. [He will not be persuaded to go for anyone other than BT so please don't tell me I should use so-and-so instead, even if I should!!!] I would be most grateful for help on the following questions.

The BT 2Mb Option comes with a free Voyager 205 Router. The blurb on their site says it has one USB and one Ethernet connection which should mean that whichever of us has the modem can use the USB connection and the other the Ethernet Connection via about 20 metres of Cat5 cable. However, the BT blurb insists the Voyager 205 is only suitable for two computers "in the same room". Is this true, and if so, why or are they just trying to flog me a witreless router for an extra £80?

Is there anything in the BT contract to stop us doing this? Even if there is, how would they know? It seems to me that if my neighbour and I link up our PCs on a network, that's our business, not their's, or am I missing something?

  mrdsgs 18:21 10 Mar 2005

only one of you can pay the bill!

network security implications are huge. if either of you have sensitive data on your computers or, more likely, a tendency to visit "illegal adult pay sites", who would the authorities be interested in?

you will be sharing a broadband download limit from may 2005. What if by mid-month your neighbour has used your allowance by downloading video?

the list could go on, including, what if one of you move house during the contract period?

and finally, it is a clear breach of your bt agreement. whoever pays the bill and whose line is activated is risking a great deal, the other neighbour can simply walk away from any commitments as they have no contract for broadband with bt

proceed with extreme caution

  FredDibnah 19:44 10 Mar 2005

What happens if your neighbour switches his computer off, you'd be stuck without an internet connection.

  Jeffers22 21:47 10 Mar 2005

Too many risks to contemplate. Go your own way with Metronet. It's about half the price of BT - though there is a 3Gb cap which may be a problem if you are into downloading movies and music.

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