several hardware q's about my Dimension 3100c?

  marbleblue 18:28 05 Oct 2006

I read elsewhere on the forum that there is no graphics card slot in it, so I cant upgrade the graphics card. And that got me wondering what else I can/can't do to it. The current specs are:

-80GB 7200rpm HD (second hard drive a possibility?)

-512MB (2x256MB)RAM (according to it is compatible with the DDR2 PC2-3200/4200 type. What's the biggest amount of memory available across two slots?)

-Some Intel internal graphics card, about 128MB of memory on it.

-6 External usb ports, 2 front/4 rear

Currys are doing a usb upgrade with 4 external & 1 internal usb slots/ports. What are internal usb slots/ports for?

There seems to be a blank space on the front of the case where a floppy drive/internal card reader can fit, is this possible for me to do?

Overall, how good can I make it short of a new PC?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'd appreciate it if someone could answer any of them :o)

  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 05 Oct 2006

You may be able to add a second hard drive, if there is space to allow it and if there is a second connector on the cable; if no second connector, you can add an extra channel via a pci slot.

Did crucial not tell you the max memory possible? Probably 1gb in each slot would be my guess.

The internal USB slot would be to allow the addition of another device such as the card reader you suggest.

All in all, it's best that you open up the machine and take a look at what space is available.

  marbleblue 19:25 05 Oct 2006

"connector on the cable"...."channel via a pci slot."

Can you translate to laymens term please ;o)

Also, installing a hard drive/card reader, is it simply plug a cable or 2 into a certain socket inside the computer, click the hard drive/card reader into a bay in the computer and Bob's your uncle, or is that me being optimistically simple?

Thirdly, how much space does a hard drive (say, 250 GB) take up?


  Diodorus Siculus 19:32 05 Oct 2006

Sorry. I'll try again :-)

HArd disks are connected to the motherboard via a cable. Typically this cable has two connectors, one at the end and one about a third of the way from the end. These two connectors can be attached to hard disks.

This following link shows a picture of the process: Install Hard Drive - A guide to installing a hard drive (IDE) click here

Do you know if the drives are IDE or SATA? This is likely detailed in the documentation that came with the pc.

Connecting a card reader is not so easy - they need a series of pins to be connected in the right sequence. Much better to get a USB one for about a tenner.

HArd disks are all the same size, by and large, so the 250gb will be the same as the one you have now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 05 Oct 2006

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  marbleblue 20:11 05 Oct 2006

Thats made it alot clearer, thanks for the link :o)

As for whether the drives are IDE or SATA, I'm not too sure about the one already in, I havent got the manuals to hand, and I havent got another yet, I was just speculating. I'll post back on this forum when and if I decide to get another and I'll try and find out about the internal one asap :o)

  Diodorus Siculus 20:17 05 Oct 2006

click here
SIW - System Information for Windows - Software,Hardware,Network

This will id most of the hardware for you

  marbleblue 21:02 05 Oct 2006

Under the 'Storage Devices' it said the interface of the Hard Drive was IDE SATA-II. I'm not too sure what that means, so I'll hope you do. ;o)

  ed-0 21:53 05 Oct 2006

it means that your motherboard is capable of running serial ATA hard drives, presumableby SATA 11 or what is known as SATA300. The newer hard drives.

Some of the specs of a 3100c click here. Click on tech specs if it does not show first time.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:13 06 Oct 2006

Looking at the specs posted by ed-0, you will have trouble adding much to the pc - it is limited by a 220w power supply.

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