Setup of Windows XP to Use Mail Merge to Send Fax

  Roadapple Red 20:48 20 Oct 2008

I use Windows XP. I am connected to the internet using a broadband high speed modem. I have successfully setup and used the mail merge function to send letters via the internet using a database of email addresses. I now want to do the same thing except I want to send the letters to the fax numbers in my database.
I have enabled & configured the fax service in windows XP. However, when I open Word and click on Tools and then click on mail merge, there isn't a choice to select fax messages.
I have looked up and printed "How to enable and configure the Fax service in Windows XP" and from Microsoft online "create and distribute merged faxes"
In the latter document, it states that you must have a "MAPI-compatible fax program, such as Microsoft Fax, and a MAPI-compatible email program with a fax transport service, such as Microsoft Outlook". It also states "you must have a fax modem installed."
Do I need to purchase more software?
Do I need to purchase another modem?
If I have to purchase another modem, is it one specifically used for fax transmission only and where in my system does it get connected?
BTW my DSL modem is connected to a wireless router.

  Taff™ 07:35 21 Oct 2008

Assuming you are using Outlook and MS Fax you need to "Merge To Printer" and select the Fax program from the list of printers. (It`s a long time since I did this!)

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