setup password

  len1 19:12 28 Oct 2008

Any help please...
I need to get into setup, but I have forgotten my password. Is there a way round this problem

  wis 19:21 28 Oct 2008

yep there is a few ways hopefully another member here kwows you ,ie stolen pcs burglerys ect
then we can help

  len1 09:00 29 Oct 2008

Hi wis, no my pc is not stolen, I am having a few problems and need to change the boot order to do a repair and I would provide my home address and tele No

  rawprawn 09:37 29 Oct 2008

By default there is no password in Setup, so unless you made one just leave it blank and hit Enter.
If you made a password you will have to take out the CMOS battery for about 20 minutes to reset your machine

  rawprawn 09:43 29 Oct 2008
  len1 10:06 29 Oct 2008

Thanks mate I will give It a try...Will I lose anything If I remove battery ??

  rawprawn 10:20 29 Oct 2008

Just a question, when you say setup the usual way is just to keep tapping F2 when booting. I am assuming you mean re installing.
I may well have misunderstood you, or is it simply the BIOS Password you have lost?
Can you explain a bit more.

  len1 10:32 29 Oct 2008

What happend was...pc started to do silly things, and then ie7 would not respond so I done a sys restore with no effect ( I assume a virus ). At the moment I am running avast/superantivirus and ccleaner. if these dont work then I will have to do a re-install ( hope not ). so to change the boot order (F8) It is asking me for a password. Also my Norton has dissapeared off the face of the earth

  rawprawn 10:39 29 Oct 2008

Are you on XP,or Vista, have you got the installation disc?

  len1 10:44 29 Oct 2008

I am on XP PRO and have the disc

  rawprawn 10:45 29 Oct 2008

Also to enter setup you usually hit Delete, or F2 or even F10.
F8 usually takes you into safe mode where you would be asked for a password.

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