Henmin 23:41 23 Dec 2004

Can anyone please help and let me know what is the best way to setup my own personal website. I have Windows 98SE



  quack 09:26 24 Dec 2004

If you dont have any website design programmes on your computer you can use the space provided by your ISP as suggested by Forum Member or you can register with one of the free web hosting companies and use what they provide. Try click here I have used them on several occasions and have reasonably happy with the results.

  Henmin 16:47 24 Dec 2004

fourm member/quack,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I don't know much about setting up Websites, in my case a personal one for Family History. I think AOL provides this sort of help but it's not a full, a complete sort, you know whatI mean. And I'll have to also put it online with them. It's Free.

If you know of any software or links yes I'd be much obliged to try them and get started. I'm not looking for an elaborate designed one, just one that will give me a good idea and a design to start with.

quack, thanks for your Link. I will definitely try it.

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


  Charence 19:17 24 Dec 2004

It's Free, you get 50MB of space, they've got some templates and some other features. Php, MySQL, FrontPage Extensions, FTP. Those terms may not mean much to you at the moment but you may find it useful in the future.

Do you have Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver installed on your computer? They're quite good web design programs. An alternative is Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Notepad is also very good if you can write code!

Free WYSIWYG Web Design Programs: click here, click here


  Henmin 19:49 24 Dec 2004


I've just checked Add/Remove Programs, no I don't have Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver on my computer. I have Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard 1.6, Microsoft Word 2000 but not Powerpoint. Sometimes friends send me Attachments through Powerpoint and I can't open them up. Do you think it's worth getting these programs

Your right those Terms don't mean much to me now. I do have a lot of Homework to do it seems. Of course, once I've set up my Website I'll have to pay a fee to have it on the Internet. I hope that won't be too expensive. I know it all takes time. Have you got your own website?


  Taran 21:12 24 Dec 2004

Try Nvu if you need a web designing program click here

It's free but for the time to download it.

Originally developed as a Microsoft FrontPage style program for Linux, it has been ported over to Windows and works well enough to warrant downloading it.

Make sure you select the Windows download.

Once installed it allows you to edit pages in a visual view, like you would with Word, and it has a built in FTP client to upload completed pages to your web server.

If you need image editing software to prepare your pictures there are several free programs worth a look. Try IrfanView for starters click here

Your best bet overall is to just play with the software you have or the software you get. Make pages, break them, fix them, click here and there are learn what the software does when you select different options.

I am a great believer in learning by doing as far as web design goes. Most books have a lot of shortfalls in the steps they describe, often taking you from A to F but missing out C and D along the way. For that reason alone it is often better to just play around with your chosen authoring program until you feel comfortable enough with it to try building a site instead of messing around with a single page.

If you get stuck or want to ask questions, you can always get advice in here.

One final thing: have a look around the web, decide what you like, what you don't, then get a pencil and paper and draw what you want in terms of page layout. All the best designs start out as sketch or wireframe concepts and are progressively refined until the desired outcome is reached.

Without a very firm idea of what your goal state will be, it is easy to get lost and waste a lot of time changing this, adding that, tweaking here and there and getting nowhere fast. With a good layout in mind from the beginning, you can concern yourself with producing it rather than trying to invent it as you go along.

Good luck with it, and all the best for Christmas and the coming New Year.


  Taran 10:51 25 Dec 2004

Go to the Microsoft website click here then click the second link down on the left hand navigation panel, called Office.

Near the bottom of the resulting page when you click on that link is a sections titled "Popular Office Downloads".

One of the links in there leads to the PowerPoint viewer, which lets you view PowerPoint files sent to you without having PowerPoint installed on your system.

The direct link to the download is:

click here

That should solve one problem anyway, but to answer your question about whether or not you should get PowerPoint, unless you want to create presentations with it, then no, you shouldn't. PowerPoint is a lousy web editor by any standards - so is Word in fact.

Stick to a dedicated web authoring program and see where you get.


  Henmin 15:28 25 Dec 2004

Taran, fourm member,

WOW! Thanks a Million for all the Advise!! I know it's not going to be easy starting from scratch but with all the HELP from you kind souls out there I know that I'll be able to get something started. I will definitely keep you all informed along the way.



  Charence 21:22 25 Dec 2004

There are free website hosts, so you need not worry about paying putting your website online. Unless you feel that you should have it on paid hosting, there is always that option too. You may want to try click here or click here

Use the Nvu program, its better than using Word or Powerpoint.

Merry Christmas


  Henmin 17:34 26 Dec 2004


Thanks for taking the time on Christmas Day and replying. Hope you had a Jolly good time. Oh yes, indeed I will go for the Free Website Host now. Great idea. Thanks for the Links.

Christmas Greetings to you too.


  T1Cybernetic 04:01 30 Dec 2004

I can vouch for Tripod > click here as i used it for just over a year and had no problems with them what so ever!

There ftp is easy enough to use and you can host a forum with them with ease although i would sugest you do some research on tripod if you are wanting to host a phpBB forum with them as theres a few tricky settings you need to get phpBB working properly, i suggest you check out > click here for some good info on that.

Anyhow tripod is one of the best free hostings available in my oppinion, but whatever you choose good luck with your project.

Hope you had a great Christmas, Chris M.

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