Settings from Outlook (XP) to Email (Vista)

  Graham John 14:21 12 May 2008

Have just got a new laptop and am trying to copy all my messages, contacts and email settings from Outlook on an XP laptop to Windows Mail on a Vista machine. Managed to transfer via USB stick my contacts using .csv but unable to do the same with messages and email settings, any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  BurrWalnut 14:25 12 May 2008

Do you mean Outlook or Outlook Express?

  Graham John 14:40 12 May 2008


  BurrWalnut 14:45 12 May 2008

Outlook Express is easy, Outlook is not so easy.

Unfortunately, Windows Mail is not a replacement for Outlook but descends from Outlook Express, which also could not directly read PST files. You can only directly import .pst files into Windows Mail if Outlook is installed on the Vista computer.

Otherwise, on a computer running XP, Outlook and Outlook Express, import the Outlook messages and Contacts into Outlook Express, copy the .wab and .dbx files to the Vista computer, and import them into Windows Mail.

  Graham John 15:01 12 May 2008

Thanks, BurrWalnut, am working on it now. Have managed settings and messages Ok but contacts is another matter. it is not obvious where I find the .wab files? Also where should I copy the files to on the Vista? Need my hand held here, thanks a lot so far.

  BurrWalnut 15:07 12 May 2008

If you have the Contacts in Outlook Express, then:
1. Go to Outlook Express > File > Export > Address Book and select Comma Separated Values (CSV) > Export, select the fields you want or, for more safety, select all the fields and save it to an external device.
2. In Windows Mail go to File > Import > Windows Contacts, select CSV > Import and browse to the file you exported from Outlook Express.

1. Go to Outlook Express > Tools > Maintenance Tab > Store Folder.
2. Make a note of its location and navigate to it. If you haven't moved it, it's here C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{long name}\Microsoft\Outlook Express. You may have to show 'hidden' files in Folder Options to see it. Close Outlook Express.
3. Copy the whole folder to an external source. You can omit any files you don‘t want, i.e. you probably only want Inbox and Sent Items. Remove any ‘Read only’ attributes via a right-click > Properties.
4. In Windows Mail go to File > Import > Messages > OE6 > Next > Import Mail and follow the wizard to import your mail boxes from the exported folder you made earlier.
5. Once these are imported, a sub-folder named Imported Folder is created for each one imported. Go to it and drag the messages to the proper boxes.

  Graham John 15:32 12 May 2008

Thanks Burrwalnut, very much appreciated, have to go to work now but will follow through tomorrow and will mark this as resolved, you are a great help. Graham

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