Settings for my monitor

  1887 15:25 14 Mar 2007

Hi all

I wonder if anyone could help me

I have a 19" widescreeb monitor for my pc whats the best settings to set it to to get the best quality?

Also I think they may be set too high at the minute as when I play cod2 the timer is the corner only shows part of the time left to play

Regards to any help forwarded


  Fingees 17:35 14 Mar 2007

1280 x 1024 is normal res for Widescreen 19", as I understand it.

  Madscot_uk 17:56 14 Mar 2007

I did a google on "widescreen 19" resolution" and it came up with a variety of results, 1440 being the most common. Try looking on the manufacturers website for the native resolution of your monitor - that should tell you for certain.

  Madscot_uk 17:58 14 Mar 2007

oops that should read 1440 x 1024

  1887 19:33 14 Mar 2007

Ok thank you ill try that as the 1280x1024 doesnt look quite right. All the words and pictures look spread across the screen

And my eyes arent the best in the world lol

Thanks for your advise ill let you know if that helps.

My monitor is YURAKU 19" widescreen if you could help me any further

Cheers Leigh

  woodchip 19:39 14 Mar 2007

Try it like 1280x this size in the 7 hundreds

  De Marcus™ 19:40 14 Mar 2007

Try 1440x900

  Woolwell 19:44 14 Mar 2007

1280 x 1024 seems to be the native resolution for this monitor click here'+Yuraku+YM19GP+TFT+Monitor+-+8ms?productId=25727
It is probably best to leave at that resolution.
The problem may be the widescreen set up. You will need to see if you can change the game options to match. I don't know if this is possible with cod2.

  De Marcus™ 19:48 14 Mar 2007


That link takes you too a Dell 19" 4:3 LCD, however the yakura I found on aria through google is also 4:3.

1440x900 should be the correct res.

  ashdav 01:00 15 Mar 2007

Yuraku 19" widescreen resolution is 1440x900.
Refresh rate is 60Hz.
Use click here to improve text rendering.

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