Settings for AMD XP2000+ Help!

  rickf 17:14 27 Apr 2003

Hi, I have been asking a lot of help lately. Please bear with me. My son's has the above CPU but is running at 1250MHz and clock setting is at 100. I think it should be running at 1670MHz and clock setting should be 133x 12.5=166.25. I can't alter the settings from the bios as it is locked at 100Mhz. Should I move the jumpers on the m/b, a K7S5A, to jumpers 2 and 3 so that I can change the settings in Bios? Please advise urgently.

  rickf 17:25 27 Apr 2003

Just had a look and the jumper is on pins 2and 3. Jumper on 1 and 2 would clear the cmos. Should I clear the cmos and then put it back on 2+3? Where are the multipliers on this board? Anyone?

  mrdsgs 17:30 27 Apr 2003

the xp2000+ is designed to run with an "cpu clock speed" of 133 therefore you should move jumpers on motherboard from the usual default (100) to 133. Make sure you don't set them to 166, if your motherboard allows it. This is for the newer processors.

so, change to 133 and all should be well. you may need to alter bios settings as well but there is usually an "auto" setting.

good luck

  mrdsgs 17:32 27 Apr 2003

i don't know your motherboard but on all of mine there is a set of jumpers for "cpu clock speed". Do not confuse these with cmos clear jumpers!!!

  mrdsgs 17:37 27 Apr 2003

on my gigabyte boards there are jumpers/switches for CPU Speed (set to "Auto") and for cpu clock (system bus frequency) This is the one you need to change to 133

  rickf 17:47 27 Apr 2003

Thanks fellows. Resolved. There are no multipliers on this board. Anyway thanks. Will probably upgrade his m/b soon. I am grateful!

  Djohn 17:49 27 Apr 2003

I had the K7S5A before changing to 6A and when the shop fitted my 1800XP, I remember watching them move the jumpers on the board.

Once this is done, when you boot, it will show as 200XP+ and clock cycle of 1667mhz. J.

  rickf 18:01 27 Apr 2003

Yes Djohn. This is what I have just done. It is now running at the right speed all round. Thanks to you as well.

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