lauralovesballa 18:29 12 Jan 2008

i have a one year old intel celeron 2.66ghz 80 gb harddrive. 1.18gb of ram. it came new with windows xp home built in. (and a "restore to factory condition" partition called pc angel). this is my first ever computer so i knew nothing!!(still dont:-) )i turned it on one day and it wouldnt boot into windows at all, even when i tried to boot the pc angel i got the same message. -windows could not start fatal error-(or something similar). as i didnt have a clue about computers when i bought it, i hadnt realised how important the cd was that came with it. so that was lost long ago. a (very dodgie) friend came round and used a cd to boot into windows, only now the o.s wasn't the home edition it was xp pro. i spent a while trying to recover my old home edition but just messed up my full computer. after researching a bit i found out all i needed was a oem home edition cd in the begining but now i had that cd my operating system was pro. are you still with me???? anyway i done a complete disk erase format and reinstalled xp home. now when i check for updates i get directed to u.s.a sites and the language settings are american(english). i did make sure the settings were england and english when i reinstalled i double checked. whats going on????

  birdface 18:33 12 Jan 2008
  lauralovesballa 20:14 12 Jan 2008


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