Setting up Wireless router

  ened 18:27 01 Feb 2008

I have never done this before but I imagine it is pretty straightforward.

My question is this:

My wife's Laptop is wifi enabled but how will I be able to get my PC to communicate with the router?

Do they come with something to plug in which 'talks' to the main unit?

  tullie 19:16 01 Feb 2008

Plug in ethernet cable from router to laptop,in system tray you should have monitor icons for your connection,open it and selct whatever network pc is using.You will be asked for SSID key,enter this.

  tullie 19:49 01 Feb 2008

Sorry,plug cable into PC

  paul€ 21:08 01 Feb 2008

'My wife's Laptop is wifi enabled but how will I be able to get my PC to communicate with the router?'

Either connect your PC to the router via an ethernet cable. Or you could make your desktop wireless by either pluging in a USB WiFi dongle or by putting in a PCI WFi card into the computer.

An ethernet cable should come with the router. It looks like click here but will be shorter.

A USB WiFi dongle looks like click here

A USB PCI WiFi card looks like click here

  ened 07:23 02 Feb 2008

That is fine but isn't the point of a wireless router to negate the use of cables.

My question is when you are given (in this instance by an isp)a wireless router does the 'dongle' referred to above come with it or are you expected to go out and obtain one yourself?

  harps1h 08:35 02 Feb 2008

first of all is the router configured with the isp settings?
to enable the wifi to work these settings need to be entered in the router.

secondly in theory yes. any wireless card put in a pci slot or a wireless dongle should pick up the network when the correct drivers are installed for the card/dongle.

however what tulie has said has merit. if you need to sert the router up you will need an ethernet cable to connect the router to the computer.

and as a last thought is this a router or a modem/router, the latter being able to connect to the internet without a seperate modem

  ened 08:53 02 Feb 2008

In my haste to type I obviously haven't made myself clear.

I am changing isp and am thinking of going with AOL who offer a 'free' wireless connection as part of the deal.

All I really need to know is if, when they send me the connection kit, I will need to buy anything else?

In other words will they be assuming all machines are wifi enabled or will they provide everything required?

  tullie 09:11 02 Feb 2008

As mentioned,if your PC is wireless enabled,initially set it up by plugging into your router with supplied ethernet cable.If its not enabled its a case of buying a wireless card for PC first,or a USB Dongle to enable wifi.

  harps1h 22:43 02 Feb 2008

my best advice is to look carefully before youjump into bed with aol. go to click here for more isp info. you will find it very informative. it may also be useful to look at the aol forums where you may get your eyes opened

  harps1h 22:53 02 Feb 2008

sorry wrong link try this click here

  ened 08:19 03 Feb 2008

I take your point but it seems to me that there are bad aspects to all isps.

As has been said before you only tend to hear about the complainers on Forums.

I have a couple of friends who live close by who have no complaints about AOL.

From my personal point of view ANYTHING has got to be an improvement on my present one - Tiscali.

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