Setting up wireless network

  Migwell 02:12 17 Nov 2006

I have bought a Linksys ADSL Gateway with SpeedBooster From PC World with the free wireless adaptor model WAG54GS. I have been trying to set this up for the last 36 hours with out any success.
It is my intention to run my other computer using the wireless part and just keep my main computer connected using the LAN cable supplied, eventualy adding a wireless laptop to the system.
I have on board my broadband with talktalk using their Speed touch modem. After disconecting the modem and then plugging the Router in to my LAN socket I can't seem to get it to connect to the outside world. The Power light light's up the No. 1 light light's up where the LAN cable is fitted and the DSL light also light's up, but at no time will the internet light come on.
I cant seem to make much of their instructions, and feel quite down hearted at the whole thing.
I feel that I am barking up the wrong tree so to speak when it comes to setting this up, can any one help with this setup please I had a link in the Networking section for an earlier problem but it took days to get any answers and still never got it solved as there was very few people there to help that's why I'v come back here for help.
I think I need the TalkTalk setup address to be able to connect and any other info you can give me

Thanks to anyone who will help me. Migwell

  dms05 12:11 17 Nov 2006

Have you talked to your Broadband provider? You may need specific address details from them. Have you looked at their Help Pages on their web site? Have you looked at the Help Pages on the Linksys site for your ADSL Gateway? Does your Broadband connection need a User Name and Password entering on the Linksys?

  dms05 12:14 17 Nov 2006

Also meant to say - have you run the set up procedure for the Linksys and saved the details? It's done when connected by LAN and usually involves entering an IP address in your web browser (ie type).

  Ashrich 18:53 17 Nov 2006

click here for the possible answer , scroll down to modem/router settings ( what are the settings for a modem router )


  Ashrich 18:57 17 Nov 2006

The factory default IP address is , type this into the address bar of your chosen browser to access the settings on your router .


  Ashrich 18:59 17 Nov 2006

Sorry , is for the WAP54g , that should read , my mistake !


  Migwell 00:14 18 Nov 2006

Thanks for that I will look into that over the next few days, and let you know how I get on.

Regards Migwell

  Migwell 18:15 20 Nov 2006

I have the wireless unit connected to the internet. I ended up ringing the Linksys help line, I was on ffor about 55 minutes but they got me connected. Not bad all that phone call to America for free. Now thats what I call HELP from a manufactuing outfit.

Next thing will be to connect the other computer to the network in a few days time.

Thanks again for the help given.

  Follyhill 18:47 29 Nov 2006

I have just joined this friendly forum and I helping a friend with a similar problem to the one Migwell had.
He is with AOL, we have his main computer working to AOL, but cannot get his laptop onto the internet. His laptop can be seen on the network.
I know AOL are not the usual type of ISP but would have thought that with the main computer on the internet the laptop should not have been difficult to setup.
His system is a Linsys WAG354G + WPC54G adapter, can see the setup page and have set to his AOL opening page and password, with most other settings set at factory settings.

Would be interested in the final answer or answers from Linksys help line. Thanks

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