Setting up a wireless connection

  Thomo1 12:57 06 Dec 2005

This may be a really easy question but i ave absolutely no knowledge of wireless connections at all.

I have just got a adsl router and a going to set it up when i get home from work 2nite.

Scenario: I want to be able to use my laptop to go online wirelessly, without having to have my PC online.

I have all of the instructions to set up the router and configuration for the pc but what do i do then to get the laptop to connect? Do i have to copy identically what i did on the pc onto the laptop, do i just run the wireless wizard in windows and hope that it finds it?? Im lost and knew that the kind people on here will have the answers.

I can set everything up on the PC fine following Linksys instuctions provided but then what do i do with the laptop to get it to connect to the net wirelessle in a different room of the house?

Thanks in advance.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 18:30 06 Dec 2005

Don't bother with the network wizard (I never do).

and yes, in theory, follow the same configuration on the laptop as the PC.

make sure they are in the same workgroup and the IP is in the same range.

  Thomo1 18:33 06 Dec 2005

so i have to connect the adsl gateway port to the laptop and do the same as i did on the pc??

i understand you have to enter the IP addresses intot he trusted zone of my firewall but how do i find out my IP addresses of the PC and laptop as Wanadoo say that the Ip addresses they supply me are dynamic??

  keewaa 21:21 06 Dec 2005

I'm just checking, as you don't actually mention this, but .... it is a wireless router isn't it?

You should just be able to connect from the laptop once it's setup by going to the wireless in control panel and setting it up in 2 minutes.

Set the router up by ethernet cable to the PC first and get everything working over cable first.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:50 06 Dec 2005

you configure the router via the PC which will (normally) need to be wired to the router (just to configure the router).

Your instructions should cover how to configure the pc to connect to the router. Whilst in the router, turn on the DHCP server.

If you have a wireless connection icon in the system tray of the laptop, double click it and select properties. click on TCP/IP and select properties.

Click on the radio button next to "assigna an IP address automatically).

If you can't/don't want to use DHCP then click the radio button next to "use this IP" and enter an IP in the same range as that of the router.

So if the router is you laptop can be between

To check the IP of either computer (under XP) click start>run>type CMD>type ipconfig /all this will list the IP of all network cards on that machine.


  Thomo1 08:15 07 Dec 2005

Yes, sorry it is a wireless router.

Thanks for your input i shall have a blast when i finish work 2nite!

Another day - anther thing learnt.


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