Setting up Wireless Broadband for 2 computers

  SURVEY 17:12 05 Oct 2007

At present we use a desktop and a laptop in seperate parts of our house.Both are configured to work with my Orange broadband account with speedtouch cable modems. Only one computer can connect at any one time. I need to be able to have access simultaneously so I assume that I need an ADSL router.

What router would be recommended? I had noted on another posting that a Netgear Cable/DSL54MBPS was suggested. Distance from proposed router location of furthest computer is approx 25metres through a floor and three walls.

Does one need to set up a network between the two computers? I would prefer not to do this as one or other computer may not be switched on.

What do I need to do to set this arrangement up?

I would be grateful for any help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 05 Oct 2007

Orange broadband account

You can probably upgrade to wireless and talk for NO extra cost and get a FREE LIVEBOX wireless router from orange.

Rounter, cables, filters and a setup cd come just follow the intructions on the CD to fit the router and setup your wireless network.

  SURVEY 19:12 05 Oct 2007

Fruit bat - But can that router be used should I migrate to another provider? Is it not possible to provide ones own router?

  postie24 22:39 07 Oct 2007

" Is it not possible to provide ones own router?"

Yes you can,check out netgear models.

  skidzy 23:01 07 Oct 2007

Just a quick note;

I have read recently that SKY have there routers configured to only work with there setup,hence if you have a Netgear router..this may not work with SKY.

  SURVEY 08:51 08 Oct 2007

skidzy - I am not using SKY. At present with Orange. Both my desktop and the laptop have Wifi cards althouhg these have never been used/setup. So what do I need amd what would anyone recommend?

  postie24 12:36 08 Oct 2007

Check this one out
click here
Afriend of mine uses this one and its been very reliable.

  postie24 12:37 08 Oct 2007

Or this one
click here

  SURVEY 10:05 27 Nov 2007

Returning to this subject, I am getting closer to the decision to purchase a router. Having studied what I may need, I consider that I would need a router that gives the following:

IEE 802.11g giving 54mbps transfer and 35-12m range.
Built-in firewall
WPA protection
and an option for VOIP for the future.

What would be a good router? Money not important within reason - reliabilty and ease of setup more important.

Can I still retain the ZA firewall on computers despite the router having its own?
Can I or do I need to retain my present Speedtouch modem bewteen master socket and router; does this make the router easier to set up?
Anything else I need - my computers have wireless cards in them.

Forum members help gratefully received as usual.

  Strawballs 10:32 27 Nov 2007

Yes you can still use ZA
No remove your exsiting modem as you should be getting a combined modem/router
As your machines are wireless enabled already then nothing else needed.
click here any one of these routers will do.

  SURVEY 12:59 27 Nov 2007

Strawballs - thanks for your response. I like the idea of a vertical router as it takes up less space so your suggestion of the Netgear DG834G 802.11 seems to fit the bill.

Is this simple to set up? Is it an auto set-up? What information will it require from me other than my username and password?

Anyone any other comments or suggestions?

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