Setting up WEP on a Belkin Wireless Router?

  Winxx 14:55 26 May 2008

Hi, i recently set up my Netgear router and it proved difficult to put a WEP key on it so now i have been asked to do the same with my friends Belkin router im a little worried as it may not be as simple as first thought it could be.

Any help on how i would go about doing this would be highly appreciated.

  crosstrainer 15:03 26 May 2008

Make and model of router?

Passwords and address vary but rule of thumb is:

Log into the router's admin screen by typing the address into your browsers address bar.

For example: (This will vary from router make and model)

You will see the admin screen

Enter password (usually "admin" without the quotes)

Enter username: (also "admin" without the quotes)

Select the Security or WEP tab (also varies with make model)

Choose your desired level of WEP and enter the key (make a note of this and keep it safe.

Save the changes and re-boot the router.

  Winxx 15:09 26 May 2008

Thank you very much :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 26 May 2008

Please note
WEP is easily crackable.
you would be better using WPA if your router / PC allows it.

  Winxx 15:37 26 May 2008

Its not that easy, ive tried and couldnt do it, unless someone who lived close by specialized in networking then maybe but i think you need a certain type on OS aswell as the information which is hard to find in my opinion.

  crosstrainer 15:40 26 May 2008

Fruit Bat /\0/\ is right, WPA is far stronger, and should be as easy to set up...Check your router's manual for detailed instructions or refer to the manufacturers web site. There could be a driver update or firmware flash available.

Almost all but the most basic model's support WPA these day's.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 26 May 2008
  brundle 15:46 26 May 2008

Got for WPA. One person on a forum not being able to crack WEP isn't really a strong case for sticking with it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 26 May 2008
  crosstrainer 15:49 26 May 2008

Yep, even 128 bit is easy. The other common error is using WEP, and leaving the login password's at default. Then you don't even have to crack it, just log in and change it!

P.S. I only post this as a warning, and not to encourage people to actually do it :)

  Winxx 16:10 26 May 2008

but you cant access the configuration and change it until you have connected to it properly so..?

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