setting up a Webpage

  roygbiv 16:55 29 Aug 2006

Have asked before, but cant find t ??

Want to start making a website ?? (got MS Office), BT Broadband use this webspace??

Where do I go from here? do I have to get webhosting ?? ............Alan

  ade.h 17:03 29 Aug 2006

Yes, MS Word/Publisher/et al have HTML output, but don't use them for this purpose. They produce very poor results - even an experienced designer would struggle - and very dirty code.

I'm currently teaching myself CSS and it really isn't too bad. Honest. But you should stick with the WYSIWYG approach - as I did until recently - because it's easier for anyone who wants a simple website. Find a free copy/download of NOF 8 or Serif Webplus. I would recommend NOF; it's capable enough to design commercial sites if you know what you're doing, so a first website is no sweat for it.

  Forum Editor 18:12 29 Aug 2006

Like NetObjects Fusion, Microsoft Frontpage 2003, or Dreamweaver would enable you to design a very professional-looking site, and in the hands of someone with a bit of exerience all these applications will handle pretty much anything, right up to a major corporate e-commerce site.

ade.h's advice about not using MS Office for websites is sound - wouldn't go down that road if I were you.

Yes, you'll need to set up a hosting account if you want your site to be any more than a personal experiment, and that means you'll have to register a domain name. All that is pretty simple to organise, and takes an hour at most. One of us will step you through the procedure if you need any asistance.

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