Setting Wallpaper in Display

  Simac 15:46 22 Apr 2004

Can anyone help on this one I am using Win 98 o/s
I want to use an image as my wallpaper on screen, but everytime I click apply, then ok all I get is a little icon in the top left hand corner...

I think this as something to do with that I have somewhere in my settings images viewing switched off.. am I right on this and if so how do I erradicate this??


  GaT7 16:09 22 Apr 2004

The image you're trying to set as your w'paper may not be big enough - do you think this might be the cause?

  Tog 16:28 22 Apr 2004

The only view images setting I can think of is in the Internet Explorer advanced settings.

  Simac 22:55 22 Apr 2004

Crossbow the image is big enough because the options are there for me to either have it tiled, streched, etc so that isn't the case because even the wallpaper defaults that come with win98 don't work either!! Just leaving an icon in the top left hand corner similar to I suppose what people would see on a website if they have image settings viewed as switched off... I think anyway..

Tog I will try your suggestion, but this won't mean I have to log onto the internet surely just to put a wallpaper theme on my desktop, because I have no internet connection but then that should not matter anyway here goes!!

  stalion 22:59 22 Apr 2004

the right picture format ie:bitmap

  Simac 23:27 22 Apr 2004

I have tried bitmap they now work when I have the box which says do you want to view as your active web-page. But I am trying to view a gif/jpeg as a backgound theme when I click apply it comes up with the box to say you can only view this if you check view this as my active web page do i wish to do so I say yes and all I get is the icon in the to pleft corner. I'm sure I am not restricted to just bitmaps as a background desktop theme surely. Or is that a limited resource with win98, because i am sure I have used a jpeg/gif in the past without a problem

  stalion 23:32 22 Apr 2004

I have only used bmp as background in any version of windows as this seems to be the required format.Can you not convert whatever pic you want to use to bmp.Regards

  GaT7 23:39 22 Apr 2004

No, it isn't a bmp issue. I'm using Win98se & am able to succesfully set bmp, jpeg, gif & htm files as my wallpaper/background.

  Simac 23:43 22 Apr 2004

i have a friend who as a background using a jpg image ok they are using xp, but what difference that makes i'm not sure, I think it as something to do with I have image viewing switched off similar to if someone just wants to view a web page they want to view quickly tend to turn off image settings so it loads quicker, but how I get to that or where I find it is another thing I am off to bed will have to cont; this tomorrow

  Simac 23:49 22 Apr 2004

Crossbow I agree because I know for sure I have used a jpg image as a background theme before, without a hitch, some reason now it won't have it!! So for it to be a bitmap issue is not entirely correct, why be limited to bitmaps surely any image gif jpg should work!!
Off to bed for sure now will ask tomorrow for a solution

  lester1 00:22 23 Apr 2004


Probably no help at all but I can select and apply Gif,Jpeg, Bmp and Html images for wallpapers.

running 98SE if its any help my diplay settings are

Screen saver: None
Windows standard appearance
Effects: windows default
Webb view: my active desk top as a webb page
Settings: 1024x768

Hope this helps

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