Setting Volume at Boot Up

  Micro-Man 15:49 19 Apr 2005

I have a number of computers running anything from Windows 95 OSR2.5 through to Windows XP Professional. Sadly, whenever I turn one on, usually late at night, I find my son has left the volume setting very high, so waking up half the house.

Does anyone know of a free utility to reset the volume at boot up?

  Yoda Knight 15:52 19 Apr 2005

No, but you could just turn the speakers off until after its finished loading up

  Micro-Man 10:33 20 Apr 2005

That's what I do already Yoda Knight. I was just hoping that there was an easier solution as it must be a problem experienced by lots of people with kids.

  pj123 11:37 20 Apr 2005

Two other options maybe?

Get your son into the routine of resetting the speaker volume when he has finished. or

Control Panel, Sounds and turn off all startup sounds permanently. (this is my option).

I had thought there might be a command line you could add to the autoexec.bat file (eg. set volume = 1 or 0) but as sound cards and speakers weren't around in DOS days, probably not. If we have any programmers on the Forum they may know of something that would do it.

  Micro-Man 13:10 20 Apr 2005

pj123, you say 'Get your son into the routine of resetting the speaker volume.....' He's 14 1/2 and it's bad enough to get him to even do the usual things like to wash his hands before meals, turn the door handle when shutting the door and get on with his homework. Honest, I'm looking for an easy life.

Anyone know of a desert island where all the old PC's go?

  vinnyT 13:21 20 Apr 2005

"Anyone know of a desert island where all the old PC's go?"

No, but, would suggest keeping pcs, and sending son (till at least age 21);-))

  pj123 13:32 21 Apr 2005

Well we have at least one 14 year old on the Forum that I know of (maybe more). He seems pretty responsible to me. He doesn't do his homework very often, but then, who does?

Try the second option Control Panel, Sounds and set all MS startup sounds to "none".

Doesn't look like we have any programmers on the Forum then?

  Yoda Knight 14:04 21 Apr 2005

I would think the sound is generated at start up before any programs (written conventionaly) could kick in - VOG seems to dabble in the art, maybe he could adise

  Chegs ® 17:32 21 Apr 2005

My daughters PC has a pair of speakers connected to the monitor(No sound adjustment on them/monitor either)The only way to alter the volume is via windows.Unfortunately,this also means that the "tune" that accompanies startup is played at full chat,until the OS "notices" the setting isn't full chat and turns it down.This would mean that any "code" written would have to run before win starts loading,and would have to alter the OS's startup to reverse its sound output,or its effort would be wasted by the OS simply firing off at full tilt.

Would it not be easier to remove/alter the audio file its playing?

  Chegs ® 17:40 21 Apr 2005

I would say that pj's suggestion...."Control Panel, Sounds and turn OFF all STARTUP sounds permanently" would do it,surely your son would only be interested in the volume whist he's on the PC,not whilst its booting up?

  Yoda Knight 12:19 22 Apr 2005


VOG ????

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