setting up user accounts win xp home

  tesfred 18:01 09 Dec 2005

please advise, need to set up user accounts for wife and myself to access e-mail. using telewest blueyonder broadband, win xp home, can access main account for myself but wife cannot access her e-mail, any ideas please?

  Freddog™ 19:28 09 Dec 2005

Are you using Outlook Express?

  Freddog™ 12:53 10 Dec 2005

If you're using blueyonder set it up by putting the incoming mail as: outgoing:

  alan227 23:27 10 Dec 2005

I had the same problem when I set up the wifes account and rang the Blueyonder help line.
They told me to set up another user account, to use my username and add ( _2 )to the end of it looks like this ( cb008y4598_2 )
If you are allready receiving mail in your name you have the outgoing & incoming protocols correct.

  Mytob 00:22 11 Dec 2005

i would seriusly avise against using outlook experss and it proves to be such a security risk when it comes to hakers and worms. i only use web based mail and would never consider using anything like outlook. web based seperates you from the files stored on the remote server were as with outlook every time you log on all emails and attachments are sent to you and thust the problem. you open an atachment and boom your stuffed and in most cases all the ppl on you addy list in outlook to as this is the most usaul way of replication. if you insist on using such programs use something less mainstreem such as thuderbird but this by no means makes you safe from worms ect.

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