setting up a slave drive

  fire 22:50 30 Mar 2003

i had problems with pc recently and purchased new hd and now trying to set old 60gb hd as a slave. i tried this initially and retrieved someinfo required but since then windows will not start if the drive is connected,it will go so far but desktop will not come up. im just wondering if the jumper settings are correct there are 4 alternatives for settings these are 16 heads, 15 heads, 32gb clip and auto spin disable . which one should i use and am i installin correctly....anyhelp please....

  Megatyte 23:02 30 Mar 2003

Make & model of the drive?

  fire 23:04 30 Mar 2003

ibm deskstar 60 gb, 7200rpm

  Megatyte 23:23 30 Mar 2003

Jumper settings are here.

click here


  billyliv 00:00 31 Mar 2003

Hi, If, as you say you had problems with your PC, then it was likely that it was your hard drive that was causing the problem. So if you attempt to set the same hard drive as a slave it is going to cause the same problems. Cheers, Bill

  MAJ 00:10 31 Mar 2003

Agree with, billyliv, and the IBM deathstar doesn't inspire any confidence either, fire.

  Megatyte 00:28 31 Mar 2003

The fact that you are using a new drive indicates that you most likely did a clean install. Your initial problems were just as likely to be software related as drive related. There is no real reason to suspect that the drive is faulty.


  fire 11:25 31 Mar 2003

ive tried setting the old hard drive as master once again so as to format it with xp but it wont format does this show the drive is nackered or is there a way around this....

  Megatyte 11:53 31 Mar 2003

Download and run DFT(IBM drive fitness test),available here.
click here

1 floppy needed.


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