Setting up a shared drive on network (:Z Drive)

  tanay18 11:52 14 Mar 2014

  tanay18 11:53 14 Mar 2014

I am ready to buy a network hard drive or an external hard drive if needed to

  alanrwood 12:46 14 Mar 2014

Hi Tanay18

To "what"???

Do you mean a NAS drive. If so then they just connect to your network, set up using a web browser and that's about it unless you want to use lots of other features.

AQ NAS drive is obviously much faster than a USB connected external hard drive and is available to all machines on the network.

  tanay18 13:04 14 Mar 2014

what is the difference in a NAS and network hard drive(which has a ethernet port on its back)

  tanay18 13:09 14 Mar 2014

I am looking to connect 8-10 computers (windows & OS X) at my workplace through a common Z Drive. I would like to know the different ways I have to achieve this. As of now if a file needs to be worked upon, it has to be copied on a USB and then transferred to another computer and after editing the cycle needs to be repeated again. This is the reason I am looking to set up a common drive between these computers that can be setup so that if anyone joins the network can access these files also

  abhay822 13:53 14 Mar 2014

You can either create a homegroup and share a folder which everyone can access on the network.

The following video explains it click here easier option is connecting a Networked hard drive also known as NAS which can be accessed by other computers.


  tanay18 14:13 14 Mar 2014

hey i couldn't read your whole reply after the para for the video you just hyperlinked. Thank you anyway. please make the point clear. I am looking for a common storage option accessible by all on the network and my needs are only about 100 GB of space. I hope my point is clearer now. the options you suggested only help in filesharing

  abhay822 14:40 14 Mar 2014

If you share a folder on the network and give everyone on the network permissions to make changes to it you can have a folder(a virtual common storage space) where everyone can save the files and make changes to them.

However if you want to purchase an network hard drive (NAS) you can do so which will serve the same purpose the difference being it will be connected to your router.

I hope this helps.

  tanay18 13:06 21 Mar 2014


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