Setting up a "server"

  alexgray104 21:02 25 Nov 2006

Hi All,

Me again...
I have bought a new computer (compaq evo) to replace my ageing packard bell iMedia and wish to get a few things set up to have the imedia running as a "server".
I thought I could plug in both my printers and partition off a large chunk of the 80gig hard drive and then have a central file and printer sharing base. Rather than having the shared folder on one computer and having to use up all thats resources. Also I plan to run the tower standalone, with no screen, just a keyboard and mouse.
There are a couple of other things I need your help to setup though...
I'd quite like to install all the old games on the server and access them thru my new comp. And then just install all the more modern games on the new comp so's not to clog it up so much. Anyone have any ideas on how this could be done?
Also I'd like to access the CD-RW and DVD drives on the server thru my new comp. is this just a case of making them "shareable" in properties??
Any replies appreciated, your help means a lot.


  alexgray104 15:43 26 Nov 2006


  Forum Editor 18:04 26 Nov 2006

Just one other machine, there's no need to go throught the business of creating a fileserver. To do that properly you would need to install a different operating system, and your old machine wouldn't warrant the expense.

Running games on a separeate computer will simply slow everything down, so I don't recommend that.

You can certainly store files on the other machine, and access them from your new computer, just enable file-sharing on the folders involved. It's not necessary to do more than that. You can also access the CD and DVD drives, but again I don't really see the point.

  alexgray104 18:12 26 Nov 2006

Thanks for the reply FE,

I'm actually going to run a laptop with the 2 desktops aswell, but the games won't be played on that, which is why i didn't mention it. Sorry

With regards to a different operating system, i'm sorry but i don't understand here. Do you mean upgrade XP to server 2003 or even downgrade to 2000 server??

With regards,

A *confused* Alex.

  LastChip 01:11 27 Nov 2006

Use one of the Linux distro's that offer a server option and SAMBA to file share to Windows. SuSE would be a good option.

It wont cost you a bean, but you will have to do some learning!

As the FE says though, even a three machine network will run fine on a peer to peer (p2p) basis. In fact, I'm running five at the moment (on a p2p) with no issues and that's a mix of Windows and Linux.

  alexgray104 16:26 27 Nov 2006

Thanks for the comment LastChip but I think I'll stick with Windows, this is my safe territory and I know it costs a fortune but I still like it. I remember when XP come out how much learning I had to do once I'd upgraded from 98se, and things were similar there. To have to start all over would be hard for me.

RE the games through the server.
How much would it slow it down?? I'm not gonna play the latest 1st person shooters or nothing like that, just the original Sims + a couple of expansions and also the original ms flight simulator. Thats about it I think.

I think creating a P2P network with the old computer as just another "desktop", only running without a screen and everything on it shared would be easiest, so I'll probs go that way. What operating system would I need to put on it if I did want it to be a proper "fileserver"??
Bearing in mind i'd like to stick with Microsoft
*ducks to avoid rotten vegetables*



  Forum Editor 18:04 27 Nov 2006

If you want to set up a fileserver with a minimm of expense you might try Linux - it will be ideal.

Failing that, you're looking at a Windows server version, and that won't be cheap.

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