Setting up a SCSI HDD?

  Legolas 21:57 18 Apr 2003

I have been trying to set up a SCSI HDD with no luck. I have a PCI SCSI connector 50 pin and ribbon cable to suit,when I connect everything up a green light comes on in the underside of the SCSI drive and then starts to blink, is this normal? but the drive is not recognized in the BIOS or anywhere else for that matter. I am running ME and the drive is a Hitachi/IBM 36.4Gb 10,000 rpm Ultrastar 146Z10 model IC35L036UCDY10.
Anyone any advice/tips on setting it up and getting it recognized.

  wawadave 22:16 18 Apr 2003

In the device manager showing the pci card? drivers for it been instald?

  Legolas 22:20 18 Apr 2003

Yes the device manager shows the PCI card installed and working correctly

  jimv7 08:36 19 Apr 2003

Its better to use a dedicated scsi card with its own bios, then you can set the scsi id number so the drive is found, then via the scsi bios you can format the drive. cards from adaptec 2940 series/29160 series and 39160 series, the later 2 run at 160mb per sec which is i assume the same as your new drive.
There are other makes of card but i am not familiar with those.

  Legolas 10:22 19 Apr 2003

The card has its own BIOS but how do I set the ID number so that the drive is recognized? in the SCSI bios it is set to seven how do I change this.

  Diemmess 12:14 19 Apr 2003

If you have a "host card" which fits in a PCI slot then it should connect to the drive with a SCSI ribbon cable.

If this is your only SCSI device then make sure the jumper is set to terminator. Better brains than I have know why...... I only know that the last device in a SCSI chain must be terminated. If it isn't, all manner of weird things happen.

When booting there is (on mine) a point where the screen announces " Press Control + A" to enter bios.

Then you should be able to see your disk and you can choose any number except 7 which is usually reserved for the host card.

  Big Elf 12:21 19 Apr 2003

I used the card to cnnnect to my SCSI CD-RW. I can't remember the details in full but I believe that the termination was set by a jumper on the back of the drive and it was device no. 4 (whatever that meant).

  Big Elf 12:21 19 Apr 2003

connect even

  Diemmess 12:35 19 Apr 2003

Seeing Big Elf's comment reminds me that there should be more jumpers to set on the HDD, to decide the SCSI (HDD) ID.
If it is the only device in the chain any one will do, just don't pinch the the host card's number 7.

  Legolas 13:12 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for the replies. I got the SCSI PCI from a friend on this site and after having a look at the box it came in I realise that it is for an Intel Pentium motherboard unfortunately I have an Athlon m/b so I dont suppose it will work :-(

Hi Big Elf as you can see the card is for a Pentium, too bad but thanks a lot for helping me out with it.

  Big Elf 13:27 19 Apr 2003

I can't remember what box I sent it in but it may have been for another device I had (Dazzle PCI SwapBox) which incorrectly mentioned SCSI on the label. The card will work on any PC with a PCI slot so keep persevering. Also download the latest drivers if you haven't already done so. I can't remember whether I got them from the Roxio or Adaptec site:-). I used the card on a socket 7 motherboard and the only problems I had were due to the drivers and this was fixed by the latest download.

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