setting up raid [ich10r controller]

  AL47 16:26 23 Aug 2010

how do i go about setting up a raid 0 with 2 hard drives?

my motherboard has sufficient sata II ports and my system has a ich10r controller, but ive never used raid before

or is one of these controller cards a better bet?

  retep888™ 17:13 23 Aug 2010

You didn't post details of your Mobo but generally you'll have to enable RAID in Bios first.

<<or is one of these controller cards a better bet?>>

If you don't mind paying extras for those dedicated RAID controller cards then it's fine, anyway I've been using those onboard RAID controller chips<<ICH10>> for some years now without problems.

  AL47 17:18 23 Aug 2010

i dont mind but id rather not, i have limited pci slots, if the onboard chip is good enough ill use that.. is there any benifit from using a cheap card over onboard?

im looking for write speeds mainly

i have an asus p6t motherboard

  retep888™ 18:55 23 Aug 2010

<<is there any benifit from using a cheap card over onboard?>>

Don't waste money on a cheap card, just use the onborad one,won't tell any difference.

<<im looking for write speeds mainly>>

You'll be disappointed if you just set up 2x 7200rpm HDD in RAID 0 (2x 10000rpm HDD might help a bit but still not much).

If you're really after write speed then SSD is the only option, my 2x Corsair Extreme series SSD in RAID 0 beats my 4x 10000 rpm WD VelociRaptor in RAID 5 at least 5-6 times.( I'm just using the onboard RAID controller)

BTW if you can, SSD works better on a SATA 3 Mobo because the maximum writing speed is on the brink of a SATA 2 Mobo can handle.

  AL47 20:55 23 Aug 2010

the ssds are out of my price range im afraid, the capacities are just not big enough, tho yes i do know that they are far better for reads and the best ones writes also, i was hoping with two velociraptors my writes would be pretty snappy compared to most ssds in single config

unfortunatly i dont have a sata3 board and only 6 sata 2 ports [one of which is occupied with my blu ray drive]

i do have 2x wd VR 300GB [i ordered a second] so these are the ones i would be using in raid 0

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