setting up raid array

  croker007 17:47 19 Jan 2005

i have just purchased 2. deckstar 120 gb harddrives and set up a raid 0 array,however when i try to install my operating system on the disks the computer only recognises 95mb. can anyone advise

  Jeffers22 18:04 19 Jan 2005

Not enough info really. What OS and what level of updates/service pack installs? Is it software RAID or via a RAID Controller Card, or is RAID built into the Mobo? IDE or SATA? Were the drives formatted before you installed them? If so, how?

Out of interest, what made you choose RAID 0?

  Jeffers22 18:52 19 Jan 2005

From croker007 via email

i chose raid 0 for perfomance thanks croker007


windows xp 1gb ram ddr400 2 decksrar 120gb sata drives promise 378 driver

For future reference, could you please post responses to the forum so that others may see them snd therefore contribute to the thread. The email envelope should really only be used by invitation or in extreme circumstances.

  Jeffers22 18:55 19 Jan 2005

What level XP - Vanilla, Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2?

What about the formatting question? Did you format them? What method did you use?

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