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  carheex 22:37 26 Oct 2004

I've just bought a pc but can't get it up and running. When I switch it on I get the following error message:

"no drive attached to fasttrak controller - BIOS is not installed"

Anyone know what I need to do???


  wee eddie 22:46 26 Oct 2004

Such details help

  Noelg23 22:46 26 Oct 2004

where did you get the PC from? and what came with it in terms of software like Operating System?

  sattman 22:48 26 Oct 2004

The safest and probably the wisest is to contact the firm you have bought it from and inform them of the exact problem. If you have paid for a fully working out the box system then that is what you should recieve.

Any work neccessary to get it running is at the firms expense at this point.

  carheex 22:50 26 Oct 2004

It's an athlon 2400XP on an asus board (A7V8K) which i bought secondhand. i did get to see it working before the owner removed all software and OS. I have win xp to put on it and it came with 2 floppy disks, 1) dos boot disk, and 2) ibm fitness.

  Noelg23 22:53 26 Oct 2004

hold on did you say the owner removed the software before giving it to you? wouldnt it have been better if they just re-formatted the hard drive and reinstall windows for you then you do the rest? looks like you may need to look inside the PC and I would contact the person you bought it from. not sure why they gave you those 2 floppy disks when really you wont be needing them...

  carheex 22:57 26 Oct 2004

They said that they'd re-format the hard drive so as to leave no traces of any of their personal files, which seems to have been done. Not quite sure what else they could have done to cause this though. I'm awaiting an email back from them but would still appreciate it if anyone knows the answer..

  woodchip 22:58 26 Oct 2004

He may have taken the Engine out. As above have a look to see what else is missing

  alan227 22:58 26 Oct 2004

Does your asus board have a promise raid controller,
If it does go into the Bios and disable it.

  woodchip 23:03 26 Oct 2004

It sound like a PSI IDE card may have been removed and the BIOS is looking for it. In which case you need to Fdisk the drive and create new partitions. Use Acronis Partition expert or something like that so you can create NTFS partitions, it will clear the old Partition info that may be posting the Error.

  JonnyTub 23:08 26 Oct 2004

the problem is raid related as alan227 suggests, google your error message and you'll be confronted with a vast array (pun?) of options for fixing this, although it's most likely whilst removing the "software" the previous owner uninstalled the raid drivers, which aren't native to xp, find out which ones your noard uses by visiting asus.

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