Setting out a document in MS Works

  Chris the Ancient 11:14 29 May 2005

My aged P (well into his mid-80's) has just been on the phone seeking help from me over a mini-problem he has in laying out some text in MS Works whilst writing a film script. As a Word user, I'm not that sure on what he has/hasn't got in Works.

What he needs to be able to do is type some lines using the full width of the page (instructions to the actor). Then, the actor's lines are written indented both sides. No problems so far for him.

But, when he wants to go back to full width text, he has to go through undoing the indents again.

Now, if I was doing this in Word, I'd have no hassle; it would all be done using 'Styles' available from the formatting toolbar.

However, not having Works available in my setup, I can't make a comparison.

Is there an equivalent way of setting out styles in Works? Is there an easy way of laying out the document with easy 'switches' between indent both sides and full width?



  Forum Editor 11:24 29 May 2005

come across MS Works during the course of my work, so I'm useless as far as that's concerned.

However...I do have a group of TV film scriptwriters as clients, and they use a special film-script software. It produces scripts that are automatically formatted to the standard expected by the industry, and the best news is - it's absolutely free. Your father might be interested. It's called Synergy Script Editor, and if you
click here you can download it.

  Chris the Ancient 11:54 29 May 2005


Thanks for that link, I shall let him know about that. Meanwhile I shall download it and put it on a CD for him - he only had a 56k modem and send it snail mail.

Anyone else as well with Works specific ideas?

  Djohn 12:02 29 May 2005

Depending on his version of "Works" it may well have the same "Word" as Office does. Most of the later versions of Works from the past couple of years have used the same full version of word as in the corresponding Office version.

  Djohn 12:04 29 May 2005

Ask him to open his Word application then click on the help file/about. This will give him the version of Word.

  Chris the Ancient 12:12 29 May 2005

I think he has a version of Works that came with two shovelfuls of coal and a firelighter. And it looks as though a gentle persuasion might make Word a more likely candidate.

Given a bit of time later today (?) I'm going to have a look at that software that FE linked - and if that can import/export to other apps, we may well have a winner!

  Forum Editor 13:01 29 May 2005

my clients routinely import Rich text and plain text documents into Synergy script, without any problems at all. That means that your father could save any work that he's already done as a Rich text file and Synergy will open it - and even have a good try at formatting it as a script.

There are far more fully-featured script applications of course. One that I come across quite often is called Final Draft, and in that application you can allocate character voices, and hear your script read back to you. That costs around $250 however.

  Chris the Ancient 13:32 29 May 2005


I'm being dragged out by The Boss in a minute, but I think I'm going to load that application and play as wee. Just out of curiosity.

As for Aged P spending $250! Hmmm...

  Chris the Ancient 13:43 29 May 2005

"play as wee" = "play as well"

  Chris the Ancient 19:25 29 May 2005

Any thoughts/ideas from the evening shift?

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