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  Buchan 35 21:18 16 Apr 2005

My mate has a problem getting any anti-virus and anti spyware. He`s not yet on the `net. I`m seeing him tomorrow to help him get on the `net but he would like to have some of the AV and anti spyware first. It may be that he`ll have to because I don`t think he`s got a modem. Can I download a few of the popular free programmes to a CD and instal them on his PC before he goes on the `net? I need to know how to do so. B

  Night Ryder 21:23 16 Apr 2005

Search for these. "Ad-aware" and "SpywareBlaster". Save these somewhere on your hard drive then burn them to a CD.

  great1 21:29 16 Apr 2005

click here

Try this free anti-spyware from microsoft

if you have some of the pc advisor cover discs look for the avg anti-virus program


  happy dragon 21:31 16 Apr 2005

if he has no modem how is he going to get on the net?

  great1 21:38 16 Apr 2005

"Can I download a few of the popular free programmes to a CD and instal them on his PC before he goes on the `net? I need to know how to do so. B "

I can only surmise that Buchan35 will install a modem for him at a later date


  Buchan 35 21:40 16 Apr 2005

happy my friend, I`ll sort that out.Night Rider and great 1 thanks for the quick replies. I`ve already got Avast 4, Spybot [email protected], AdAware, SE cCleaner & Microsoft A/S on my PC so all I`ve got to do is find a way to download to a CD. I`m a novice in training, how do I do it??? Thanks

  great1 21:45 16 Apr 2005

If you download the microsoft anti-spyware prog.

select save rather than RUN then you can burn it to cd
or if you want email me and i will send it to you in an attachment, although make sure your email prog. will let you download messages with attachments

  Technotiger 21:53 16 Apr 2005

Hi Mate - better if you have a copy of PCA May 2005. All you need on CD coverdisk.


  Buchan 35 22:12 16 Apr 2005

Hello mate , I gave it away to a lad who wanted something on it. Never mind, I`d rather get him on the internet and then download but he`s as paranoid as me.

  Technotiger 22:15 16 Apr 2005

Understood - but I always think it is better, if possible, to get the protection off-line (ie from CD's) before going on-line - even if the stuff needs updating once on-line. If you would like CD's let me know.


  Technotiger 22:16 16 Apr 2005

Just noticed - you are seeing him tomorrow - hmmmm don't think Post Office are that quick.

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