Setting up a new email account in Thunderbird

  RISC OS user 16:37 21 Oct 2012

I have just set up an email account for my wife in Thunderbird.

The address takes the form as follows

[email protected]

The problem I am having is that I now have the following in the side panel

Inbox (2) Dxxxxx Pxxxx which I do not want or need and is empty Local (2) which is a copy of the first Inbox (2) Drafts (1) Sent Archives various folders Deleted Outbox Dxxxxxx Pxxxx which again is empty and not needed Local This is a special account but without any identies associated with it.

How can I get back to just one Inbox, and delete all the folder with Dxxxxx Pxxx and also delete the second Local folder. I want all the emails no matter to whom they are address in the top Inbox.

  csqwared 17:06 21 Oct 2012

This any help?


  RISC OS user 22:03 21 Oct 2012

Thanks, I will have a proper read of the link tomorrow.

  RISC OS user 17:02 22 Oct 2012

I have looked at the site you suggested, but cannot find the answer I require. It seems odd to me that all is ok until I try to added my wife's second email address, her yahoo email account does not cause the same problems. All I want is one inbox folder, one draft folder, one Sent folder,one archives folder with sub folders, one trash folder, as I have always had up until now and not a separate set for that new account. I have had to remove Thunderbird and then re-install it and bring the other information back from my back-up which I made before adding the second email account for my wife. Has anyone else had any problems such as this?

  difarn 18:10 22 Oct 2012

There is an optional Global Inbox feature that may do as you want - I use Thunderbird with several e-mail accounts but I must admit I have not used this feature. I may have a go. Link here.

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